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The second episode of The White Lotus premieres tonight on HBO and fans of the show are itching to see what will happen next. The show, which is billed as a social satire, follows the happenings of an exclusive Hawaiin resort and features a star-studded cast. Connie Britton, Steve Zahn, Jennifer Coolidge, Molly Shannon, Alexandra Daddario, Jake Lacy, Sydney Sweeney, Natasha Rothwell, and more were tasked with bringing the dynamic characters of this limited series to life.

The White Lotus cast at the premiere
Jon Gries, Mike White, David Bernad, Fred Hechinger, Steve Zahn, Connie Britton, Jolene Purdy, Molly Shannon, Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Coolidge, Brittany O’Grady, Natasha Rothwell, Murray Bartlett and Alexandra Daddario | FilmMagic/FilmMagic for HBO

Though The White Lotus cast is a large one, it seems that the actors got along really well. Considering that there were so many comedic talents on set, there was a lot of laughter in between takes. In an interview with Glamour, Sweeney, who is best known for her role on Euphoria, detailed what it was like to work alongside such veteran actors. She was particularly enamored with Coolidge, who is famed for her fantastic character work.

Sydney Sweeney gushes about Jennifer Coolidge and ‘The White Lotus’ cast

“It was the best comedy camp we could ever have been enrolled in,” Sweeney shared about working alongside The White Lotus cast. “Jennifer Coolidge is the most incredible dream. I’ve never met a more hilariously herself kind of woman that I aspire to be one day. And Molly Shannon is so engaging and kind and really makes you feel heard. It was such a treat to be surrounded by so many incredible people.” 

Another reason that The White Lotus cast bonded so quickly was that they were literally quarantined together. Since the show was filmed amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the actors weren’t allowed to leave the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, where the show was filmed. For months, they only had the company of each other and the crew members, which made for an interesting experience. Sweeney even joked that the experience felt like an alternate version of The Shining.

The cast and crew were quarantined at the filming location in Maui

“On The White Lotus, we quarantined in our hotel rooms, and then after that we still weren’t allowed to leave the property and no one was allowed to come on to the property, so it started to feel like a very tropical version of The Shining,” The Players Table star revealed. Of course, there were absolutely benefits to quarantining at a resort. Cast members recalled that they had the pools all to themselves and would often spend time relaxing and goofing off after a hard day’s work. Sweeney herself is exceptionally thankful for the unique experience. “What an amazing way to spend the last few months of 2020. Like I said, very grateful.” 


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A new episode of ‘The White Lotus’ premieres tonight

Funnily enough, the unique vibe that being quarantined produced seems to bleed into the show. From the moment the guests arrive at The White Lotus Resort and Spa, there seems to be this underlying feeling of anxiety despite the fact that they are on vacation. And, if previews from the remaining episodes are to be believed, that anxiety only increases over time. We’re sure fans of the show are itching to know what happens next. The latest episode of The White Lotus premieres tonight on HBO and HBO Max.