‘Firefly Lane’ Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Plus Everything We Know

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve gotten a whiff of the new Netflix hit series Firefly Lane. The show has been sweeping the industry with a tale of two best friends and their strong bond, personal struggles, many differences, and even a little drama with a love triangle. 

As many viewers have already finished season one, talks of a season two are at the center of every fan’s conversation. Here’s Firefly Lane’s potential release date, plot, and everything we know so far. 

‘Firefly Lane’ season one is a quick binge

Tully and Kate in Firefly Lane
L to R: Katherine Heigl as Tully and Sarah Chalke as Kate in Netflix’s ‘Firefly Lane.’ | NETFLIX © 2020

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In its 10-episode first season, Firefly Lane followed Tully Hart (played by Katherine Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (played by Sarah Chalke), two best friends who are completely inseparable. The show follows the Firefly Lane girls from the time of their first meeting and the decades after.

Although the two women are complete opposites, the argument “opposites attract” can easily define their relationship. Through a series of flashbacks, viewers get a deeper look into various stages of the ‘TullyandKate” friendship over the decades of being besties, as well as some personal struggles and challenges with boyfriends, careers, school, and more. 

And as it turns out, after premiering in early February, season one of Firefly Lane has become such a hit it reached third place in TV Time’s “Most Binged Shows of the Week,” beating hit series like Modern Family and The Office

The show is based on a book with a sequel

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Although Netflix’s new hit series, Firefly Lane, has many of its own twists and surprises readers won’t expect, the foundation of the show’s story is based largely on Kristin Hannah’s 2008 book by the same name. 

Considering the show’s success so far and the fact that there’s a sequel in the book series, Fly Away, fans can be sure there will be at least another season of ‘KateandTully’ struggles and successes.  

According to UW Magazine, the show is more real than you may have realized and is actually inspired by true events in the author’s life. “I was able to return to my youth, the disco era…tease my hair and dance to Madonna,” Hannah admitted in an interview. “Not only does the story follow the friendship between two women, [but] it also tracks the ever-changing face of the Pacific Northwest.”

Potential release date and questions answered

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Many viewers, much like Karamo, have already binged the entire first season of Firefly Lane and are impatiently waiting for season two to be announced. Season two hasn’t officially been green-lighted by Netflix yet, but fans are more than convinced it will happen. Some are predicting as early as 2022.

“It’s possible that a second season of Firefly Lane could arrive about a year after the first,” Marie Claire reports. And considering it took about a year from the initial series order in February 2019, everything will come together “just in time for an early 2022 debut.”

As far as what you can expect in season two, there are still unanswered questions from season one to be explored. To name a few: What did Tully do to Kate that caused their separation in the first episode? What big career venture are the two friends going to take on following their unemployment? Is the center of their love-triangle, Johnny, dead or just injured? 


Will we see a future without Kate? In the first book, Kate dies due to cancer, and the second book continues Tully’s story. Considering Heigl and Chalke’s dynamic duo performance, chances are that plotline will be booted, but who knows?

Only time will tell when we will see a sneak peek into season two and whether we will like what we’re getting ourselves into. Many of us have fallen in love with the dynamic friendship, so it’s likely it will be sooner rather than later that we’ll see the Firefly Lane girls back on our TV screens.