‘Five Guys a Week’: Who Does Mercy Choose?

Lifetime’s newest experiment in dating is here. In Five Guys a Week, one single woman invites five eligible bachelors to move into her home for one week. Over the course of seven days, she gets to know each guy, eliminating them one by one until she picks the one man she thinks is right for her. In the first episode, a 36-year-old social worker named Mercy tries this unusual approach to dating.

‘Five Guys a Week’ premiered July 13

Group of men sitting in Mercy's living room in the series premiere of the Lifetime series 'Five Guys a Week'
‘Five Guys a Week’ | Lifetime

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The first episode of Five Guys a Week aired July 13. The first woman to try her hand at the show’s unique approach to dating was Mercy. She’s a divorced mom to a 15-year-old son who’s willing “to try anything to find true love.” Her ideal man? Someone who wants to start a family, because she hopes to have two more kids and eventually be a stay-at-home mom. 

So, who’s in the running to win Mercy’s heart? The five guys in this week’s episode were:

  • Meech, a 31-year-old NBA skills coach who wants to be part of a “power couple.”
  • Eli, a 31-year-old banker who thinks his ability to be “emotionally vulnerable” will give him an edge with Mercy.
  • Donald, a 55-year-old “free-spirited” real estate agent. He’s quite a bit older than Mercy but thinks his life experience might be what she wants in a man. 
  • Chris, a 34-year-old behavioral specialist who appreciates a woman with wit and humor. Like Meech, he also played pro basketball in the past. 
  • Raul, a 31-year-old medical engineer who values family above everything else. 

 Who did Mercy eliminate first? 

Once the guys arrived at Mercy’s place, they wasted no time in getting to know her – and in trying to one-up the competition. At a group dinner, she was judging their table manners while also quizzing them about their relationship history.

Donald shared a story about a woman he’d dated who called in a fake bomb threat under his name, leading to him getting hauled off of a flight. The story struck the other guys – and more importantly, Mercy – as odd. “Everything coming out of his mouth just got weirder and weirder,” she said. 

Before the night was over, Mercy had to send one man home. A few of the guys hadn’t exactly made a stellar impression, including Donald and Chris, whose R-rated banter when he arrived rubbed her the wrong way. Ultimately, it was Donald who was asked to leave. 

Mercy’s friends and family weigh in on the remaining guys

As the week continued, Mercy got to know the remaining guys better, eliminating them one by one. The next day’s activities included a basketball game and get-to-know-you drinks with one of Mercy’s close friends and her brother Harlow.

Unfortunately for Chris, he failed to make enough of a positive impression on Mercy and those closest to her. He was the second guy she sent home. “It’s just too friend-level for me,” she told him. 

Next up was a brunch with more of Mercy’s family, including her mom and her uncle. After that, it was time for another guy to exit the stage. She eliminated Meech, whose quiet personality wasn’t quite what she was looking for in a partner. 

Did Raul or Eli win Mercy’s heart on ‘Five Guys a Week’?

With Meech gone, only Raul and Eli were left in the running. The pressure was on. At the final dinner, Mercy was looking for someone who would “shrine through on a romantic level.” After Raul and Eli prepared the meal, they sat down with Mercy to prove that had a true connection with her. 

While it wasn’t an easy choice, Mercy ultimately chose Raul. He charmed her with his laid-back demeanor while also having the ability to take charge when necessary. Unfortunately, the romantic spark between Mercy and Raul didn’t last, and the two went their separate ways not long after filming for Five Guys a Week ended. However, Mercy has kept in touch with Chris and Meech, with whom she regularly hits the basketball court. 

New episodes of Five Guys a Week airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.  

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