‘Five Guys a Week’: Release Date and What Else to Know About Lifetime’s New Reality Dating Series


  • In Five Guys a Week, a single woman invites five eligible guys to move into her home as she decides which one is right for her. 
  • The bachelors will compete for the leading lady, who eliminates prospects one at a time throughout the week.
  • The new Lifetime reality series premieres Wednesday, July 13. 
A woman sitting at a table with two guys in the Lifetime reality series 'Five Guys a Week'
‘Five Guys a Week’ | Lifetime

Lifetime is trying on a bold new experiment in dating. On Five Guys a Week, one single lady invites five eligible men to move into her home for seven days. During their stay, they’ll compete for her attention while she evaluates each man’s potential as a romantic partner. It’s a reality dating series sure to appeal to fans of shows like The Bachelorette and Love Is Blind.

‘Five Guys a Week’ is an ‘immersive social experiment’

Lifetime bills Five Guys a Week as a “totally immersive social experiment.” In the show, one adventurous woman invites five bachelors to move into her home. With everyone sharing the same space, there’s plenty of potential for chaos, including crowded bathrooms, awkward sleeping arrangements, and the challenges of cooking and sharing meals together. 

Over the course of seven days, viewers will have a front-row seat to the drama, twists, games, and romance as the guys attempt to one-up the competition while also wooing the person who could be the woman of their dreams. The woman’s friends and family will also be on hand to provide their opinions on the suitors. As the week progresses, she’ll eliminate the men one by one, until finally one is left standing. 

The new Lifetime series premieres July 13 

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The drama kicks off on Wednesday, July 13. Five Guys a Week premieres at 10 p.m. ET after new episodes of the network’s other experiment in romance, Married at First Sight. Episodes air weekly, with each featuring a new woman and group of guys. 

A recently released teaser (via YouTube) offers a hint of what to expect from Five Guys a Week. 

“I’m better than all these guys,” one suitor declares while showing off his biceps. 

“I’m willing to try anything to find true love,” says Mercy, a social worker and single mom who appears in the show’s first episode. 

“I’m in control here,” another woman says.

‘Five Guys a Week’ is based on a show that aired on Channel 4 in the U.K.

Like Married at First Sight – which was inspired by a Danish series with a similar format – Five Guys a Week is a spin on a show that originally aired abroad. The U.K. version of Five Guys a Week debuted on Channel 4 in 2020. A spinoff, Five Dates a Week, featured participants of any gender or sexuality and premiered in 2022.

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