‘Floor is Lava’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of How Players Exit

The Floor is Lava is one of the hottest TV shows of the summer, and fans can’t stop talking about the dramatic exits of the players. Viewers of all ages stream the show to watch as players try to complete the unique obstacle course challenge as quickly as possible without falling into the lava to their “death.”

Let’s dive in to take a closer look at why fans are raving about this trending show and hoping for a Floor is Lava season 2.

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What is the ‘Floor is Lava’?

If you’re not familiar with the name, the Floor is Lava is currently one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

The guilty pleasure show brings the innocent childhood game to life, complete with realistic-looking lava. This ridiculously addictive game show features teams who make their way through obstacle courses with creative themes while trying not to fall to their dismay into the “lava.” 

The stakes with the upgraded adult version are much higher, as the winners get more than bragging rights and the power to choose the next game to play. Contestants of the Floor is Lava compete for a generous $10,000 cash prize and groovy lava lamp trophy. It’s similar to other obstacles course challenge shows, like Wipeout or American Ninja Warrior, but with quirky additions that make it fun for the entire family to watch. 

How players exit the ‘Floor is Lava’

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The burning question everyone wants to know the answer to is, “Where do the players go after falling into the lava?” Unfortunately, the creators, Megan McGrath and Irad Eyal, and host, Rutledge Wood are keeping us guessing by not revealing any details about the players’ disappearances or what the lava really is. This component of mystery may be why fans can’t get enough of the way players exit. 

You watch the show with suspense as players make their way through one-of-a-kind obstacles, such as jumping from oversized couches, swinging on chandeliers, or even balancing on planets. Just as you yell at the TV, “you can’t make that jump!” the player falls into the bubbling and steaming lava.

The player then dramatically sinks never to be seen again (until the show ends), while their distraught team members must continue to make it to the end of the lava-filled room.

While the acting was never asked or expected of the contestants, according to The Hollywood Reporter, their dramatized sinking to their deaths makes the show binge-worthy. It is comical watching grown adults screaming as gravity takes control of their well-planned jumps to end up disappearing into a bubbling pool of lava. 

Mixed reviews of the ‘Floor is Lava’ 

This goofy show will bring back memories of you, your siblings and friends stepping across furniture without trying to touch the floor. Many watch the show for nostalgia and to enjoy a nice distraction from the news. However, some viewers are calling the show garbage.

If you enjoy obstacle course competitions, it’s worth adding to your watch list this weekend. Even though others say skip streaming it, as creating a version in your living room would be a better use of forty minutes vs. watching such a snore worthy show. Of course, you will miss out on the fan-favorite secret lava mixture when recreating the game at home. 

Even with the mixed reviews, the Floor is Lava quickly made it to Netflix’s top 10 rankings and is holding its spot since its debut on June 19th. We guess that when there are limited sports to watch on TV, fans turn to the next best thing, a uniquely designed obstacle course challenge based on a relatable childhood game.