Florence Pugh and Zach Braff: A Complete Timeline of the Relationship the ‘Black Widow’ Star Is Constantly Forced to Defend

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff recently confirmed their romance on Instagram. Although many fans were surprised by the news, the two have actually been seeing each other for over a year. It also appears that the Black Widow star and the former Scrubs star have taken their romance to the next level by slowly going public and even quarantining together. Here’s a complete timeline of their relationship, including a look at how it all started.

Florence Pugh
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How did Florence Pugh and Zach Braff meet?

Pugh and Braff are believed to have sparked up a romance sometime in the spring of 2019. At the time, Pugh had starred in one of Braff’s short films titled In the Time It Takes to Get There.

The actress played the part of a 19th-century influencer in the movie starring opposite Alicia Silverstone. After the film was released in April, Pugh and Braff were spotted getting extra cozy in public together in New York City.

Fast forward a few months and Braff shared a photo of him and Pugh’s brother, Toby Sebastian, enjoying some wine together. Braff and the Game of Thrones actor appeared in high spirits in the pic, which he captioned “cheers.”

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Later that evening, Pugh posted a photo of her brother as well, sparking speculation that the trio was hanging out.

It is unclear exactly when Pugh and Braff started dating, but it seems like their romance started around April of last year.

Pugh and Braff’s romance heats up

Last summer, Pugh and Braff had one of the first photos posted one of their first photos together on Instagram.

Preston Boyd and his girlfriend Sydney Morton — who shared the photo —ere also featured in the pic, believed to have been taken off the coast of Spain.

“We’ve made the difficult decision to live here now,” Morton wrote alongside the image.

A few days later, Braff shared a photo of him and Boyd swimming near a picturesque coastal pool, with no mention of Pugh. But it is pretty clear that they were spending time together.

The ‘Black Widow’ star shows up on Braff’s Instagram

The first time Pugh appeared on Braff’s Instagram account, meanwhile, was last October. The former Scrubs star shared a group photo of Pugh and several friends during a trip to Disneyland.

That same month, Braff and Pugh were spotted at the premiere of Marriage Story in NYC. Unfortunately, the two did not pose together on the red carpet, but the fact that they attended the premiere confirmed that their romance was heating up.

In early December, the Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast host showed up for the premiere of Pugh’s film, Little Women. Yet again, the couple avoided the cameras on the red carpet and did not take any photos.

What about that age gap?

While Pugh and Braff’s romance has been blossoming behind the scenes, some fans have criticized the couple for their age gap. At 45 years old, Braff is over twenty years older than the 24-year-old actress.

The two haven’t said much about the age difference, but Pugh did address the negative comments in a post at the end of December.

After Braff shared a princess emoji in the comments of one of Pugh’s posts, a fan fired back by writing, “You’re 44 years old.”

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First pit-stop, Matzo Ball soup. #curingjetlag101

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In reply, Pugh wrote, “and yet he got it.” According to Insider, this was the first time Pugh commented on the age gap and the actress would later clarify that it was “necessary” to fire back at the hate.

“People need to realize that it’s hurtful. I have the right to hang out and be with and go out with anyone I want to,” she stated.

Florence Pugh and Zach Braff officially go public

In January, Pugh honored at the 2020 Academy Awards with her first Oscar nomination. In celebration of the event, sources claim that Pugh and Braff left the venue with a bottle of champagne and weren’t shy about sharing a kiss in public.

While Pugh and Braff are clearly happy together, she has come to his defense on several occasions. This includes a cover story for Elle in which Pugh opened up about having a public romance.

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“I’m an actor because I like acting and I don’t mind people watching my stuff, but people have no right to educate me on my private life,” Pugh shared. “I know that part of being in the spotlight is that people might invade your privacy and have opinions on it, but it’s bizarre that normal folk are allowed to display such hate and opinions on a part of my life that I’m not putting out there.”

Pugh makes her Marvel debut in Black Widow this November, Braff is currently hosting the hugely popular Scrubs re-watch podcast Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast with Donald Faison.