Food Network Star Guy Fieri Revealed His 3 Favorite Ingredients for Low-Budget Meals

Guy Fieri might have made a name for himself through sampling other chefs’ food on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but he’s known to whip up some amazing dishes of his own. Fieri proved himself on The Next Food Network Star back in 2006, and he’s continued making delicious recipes ever since.

When it comes to low-budget cooking, Fieri once revealed that he relies on three foods for their low cost and high versatility.

Guy Fieri poses for the camera in 2013
Guy Fieri | Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images

Pork butt is Guy Fieri’s go-to, low-budget meat

When it comes to saving money, Fieri might not have much to worry about considering he just signed a three-year contract with Food Network worth $80 million. Still, he knows that the average consumer has to be more budget-conscious, so he looks for “resourceful” cuts of meat that are easy to cook and can be turned into several dishes.

“You can take a pork butt, season it with just some salt and pepper, slow roast it in the oven, and for dinner tonight we’re gonna have pulled pork sandwiches,” Fieri once said in an interview with CNBC. Fieri said that the leftover pork could be used to make various other dishes, too, such as pork enchiladas or even Succo, which is a traditional Sicilian dish.

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Food Network star Guy Fieri also loves the versatility of chicken

Guy Fieri’s love for resourceful protein doesn’t just stop at pork butt. He also relies heavily on chicken for when he’s cooking on a budget. Chicken can be prepared in countless ways, from roasted to fried to grilled and there are endless options on how to accessorize it.

“Whole chickens are awesome,” Fieri said. “Because you’re gonna … Roast the chicken, eat the chicken, then cook down the bones and make a stock.”

Fieri referred to his easy cooking methods as “fundamental culinary 101” but they’re essential to knowing how to properly cook dishes to get the most out of the ingredients.

A few of Fieri’s other well-known chicken dishes are his barbecued chicken; he uses a simple brine to create extra flavor. He also prepares a tasty chicken alfredo.  

Guy Fieri says Brussels sprouts are his low-budget veggie of choice

Though it might come as a surprise, Guy Fieri loves Brussels sprouts. While they’re notoriously known to be one of the least popular vegetables, Fieri appreciates their versatility and how inexpensive they are.

Fieri did say that Brussels sprouts are “a pain to prep,” so he often prepares more than he needs in one sitting in order to prevent prepping too often. “I’ll roast them all off, and then I’ve got Brussels sprouts for dinner tonight, and then I’ve got Brussels sprouts filling in that vegetarian burrito tomorrow, or I’ve got Brussels sprouts going into that pasta dish.”

Fieri also notes that “cooking in season” is important; buying what’s available often means saving money, since out-of-season produce is generally more expensive in the stores due to demand and having to ship it from other countries.