Former ‘American Idol’ Judge Randy Jackson Lost 120 Pounds Thanks to This Tip From His Dentist

Former American Idol judge Randy Jackson has led quite the musical career. He has served as bassist to some of rock’s greatest performers including Journey, Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin and more. In addition, the musical mentor was part of the original mammoth hit talent show that inspired so many others of its kind including The Glee ProjectThe Next Great American BandThe X Factor USAThe Sing-OffAmerica’s Got Talent, and of course, The Voice.

Left to right: Former 'American Idol' judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson in 2002
Left to right: Former ‘American Idol’ judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson in 2002 | Kevin Winter/ImageDirect

One doesn’t have to look long at Jackson to realize he has undergone an incredible transformation. The once 350-pound Grammy Award winner has lost over 100 pounds off his 5’8″ frame. Find out how he did it and how this tip from his dentist played a major role.

Simon Cowell’s one ‘American Idol’ wish

Jackson revealed to ET in 2017 that American Idol producers had asked him to take part in the show’s 2018 reboot, not as a judge again, but as the show’s host. Jackson turned them down at the time.

“They wanted me to take Ryan Seacrest’s job, because they said ‘Look man, look, you got it. You know how to do it, dog. But I would only host with Ryan. He’s my friend.”

Randy Jackson with from left, Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler and
AI host, Ryan Seacrest

More recently, Paula Abdul told Hollywood Life last month that a reunion is actually very possible.

“It is magical between us, and Simon has put it out there and he has been telling people that he really wants to do a show with us, so we are going to hang and see what we can do. According to Simon, there is a chance… Yes!”

Even Simon Cowell has chimed in, shocking audiences on The Kelly Clarkson Show with a desire to reunite with his former AI judges, People reported in September.

“It does make me think,” Cowell, 59, said. “If I had one wish it’d be to make another show with us again. That would be my number one wish.”

What Randy Jackson has been doing

Keeping busy, Jackson has started his own production company, Starwest Studios. He and his partners envisioned, according to Variety, “a production space that would be on the leading edge of demand and could meet their personal creative needs and those of their colleagues in the industry.”

In addition, the music industry executive runs his own syndicated radio program, has a line of Randy Jackson Guitars exclusively for the Home Shopping Network, and Randy Jackson Eyewear through Zyloware, that’s also sold through retailers including Costco and WalMart.

How Randy Jackson lost 120 pounds

Randy Jackson went to see his dentist almost two decades ago to get work done on a tooth. When his dentist saw the condition of his gums, he was extremely concerned. It was Jackson’s wake-up call that his blood sugar was dangerously high.

Even after that incident, Jackson still wasn’t ready to take his health seriously, until he had to.

“I wound up in the ER on a Saturday,” the 62-year-old revealed to “My blood sugar level was over 500.”

“It was kind of crazy for me because [diabetes] ran in my family, but you always think someone else is going to get it, never you,” Jackson said. “I got it.”

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, the bassist decided in 2003 to undergo gastric bypass surgery, resulting in his losing over 100 pounds.

“I grew up in the South, where food and good times were king,” he told WebMD. “I am very attuned to knowing when I have had enough. The signal to stop eating is going to come from your body, not an empty plate,” he said at the time.

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