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It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a peep from former Basketball Wives star, Royce Reed. Reed was a cast member for the first four seasons of the Miami franchise. She’s the mother of NBA superstar Dwight Howard’s son and the two are currently beefing on social media over claims that Howard is a deadbeat father. Howard is currently dating another woman.

Royce Reed
Royce Reed 2012 | Robin Marchant/Getty Images

A recap of Royce Reed and Dwight Howard’s relationship

Reed and Howard met while she was a professional dancer for the Orlando Magic. During her time as a cast member on Basketball Wives, Reed was honest about her and Howard breaking the no fraternizing policy.

Players and dancers are forbidden from contact with one another. As a result of their relationship, Reed admits she was ostracized by wives and girlfriends of the players.

It’s unclear how long the relationship between the two lasted by Reed welcomed their son in 2008. By 2010, the former couple were embattled in a nasty court battle. TMZ reports that Reed filed a motion to have Howard on supervised visits with their son, alleging he was unfit.

Royce Reed and her son Braylon
Royce Reed and her son Braylon 2010 | Maury Phillips/WireImage

Reed alleges that their son “acts out emotionally and physically and resists being taken by” Dwight’s nanny. Prior to filing the motion, police intervened after Reed accused Howard of picking their son up from preschool on a day that he was not permitted to do so.

Howard was granted a gag order that forbids Reed from speaking about their relationship or showing their son on Basketball Wives. The gag order was signed by Reed in 2009.

By 2012, Reed was back in court attempting to have the gag order lifted. Her bank accounts were garnished by the courts in 2015 for violation of the gag order for $535,000 per Baller Alert.

Royce Reed accuses Dwight Howard of being a deadbeat father

Reed and Howard were on a good co-parenting path within the past few years, but things have changed. In a lengthy Instagram post, Reed is airing her grievances about Howard’s fatherhood, or lack thereof.

“Imagine wanting and praying for this moment [making] NOT being in your kids’ lives worth it,” she begins. “Imagine hoping this dream would be everything he imagined it would be and that he would change his priorities afterward. Then imagine your own child crying, wondering why his father is in his same city but won’t call, text, visit, or send a note by pigeon.”

Source: YouTube

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Reed also claims that the son she shares with Howard is so upset with everything that he wants his name changed to be void of any relation to Howard.

It’s unclear what prompted Reed’s post but it appears that it’s in relation to Howard and his new fiance. Moments before her post, Howard accidentally shared screenshots of a text message between him and another woman arguing on the evening of the NBA championship.

Despite her son’s upsetness, Reed says she encourages him to have a relationship with Howard. Their son is 12-years-old.