Former ‘Big Brother’ Winner Defends The Cookout From Accusations of Steamrolling

Some Big Brother 23 fans have accused The Cookout of steamrolling. But there is one winner of the show who is defending their gameplay.

The Cookout has worked together on ‘Big Brother 23’

The season started with the houseguest split into four teams. But the houseguests still made their own groups and alliances.

Azah Awasum, Tiffany Mitchell, Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, Kyland Young, and Hannah Chaddha agreed to never go after each other. They hoped to make it to jury together. 

They have made it to the jury, and now they want to go to the final six together. Tiffany came up with a plan for them to pair off into duos with people outside of the alliance. So if they ever end up on the block with their pawn, they can vote them out.

So far, only Derek F has touched the block, and his pawn went home. Some fans have criticized their good gameplay for making the season boring, but there have been people defending them.

Former ‘Big Brother’ winner defends The Cookout from accusations of steamrolling

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Some fans are accusing The Cookout of steamrolling the season and saying this season is boring because of it. But there are many people who are enjoying this season and rooting for the alliance. Andy Herren, who won Big Brother 15, shared his thoughts.

“I have HAD IT with people saying this season is boring!!! What is boring is watching a giant alliance steamroll competitions like The C*mmittee did last season. The Cookout has only won 3/7 HoHs but they’re all so good at the game that they get what they want. It’s awesome! #BB23,” Herren tweeted on Aug. 22.

“Tiffany is a perfect houseguest. Smart, strategic, funny. And now she’s even giving us fights!!! 10/10. #bb23,” he later tweeted. She isn’t the only houseguest he’s noticing. “I like Sarah Beth but I’m so excited to watch her lose her sh-t when she’s evicted next week. #BB23,” he tweeted.

Christian Birkenberger also defended The Cookout

Tiffany Mitchell poses for 'Big Brother 23' cast photo
‘Big Brother 23’ houseguest Tiffany Mitchell | Cliff Lipson/CBS/Getty Images

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Christian Birkenberger was a huge threat who was evicted before jury. Many fans were angry about this and claimed he was evicted because of his race. Christian responded to this.

“Thanks to everyone supporting me on Twitter I want to say real quick to the people who claim I was evicted by The Cookout because they are racists that these remarks need to stop. You can have your own opinions but regardless of what you say I don’t agree,” he tweeted on Aug. 18.

“The Cookout is the strongest, best, most trustworthy, well rounded alliance that is formed this season and I wasn’t asked to be apart of it although I do appreciate everyone’s support, the ones who say I was evicted for my race need to get over it,” he continued.

So there are definitely fans who aren’t happy about The Cookout. But it looks like there are people defending them, and that includes people who had to compete against them.