Former ‘Good Witch’ Star Bailee Madison Weighs In on Series Finale

That’s it for Good Witch. The Hallmark Channel series came to an end on July 25 after seven seasons on the air. It was a bittersweet moment for both fans and the cast, including Bailee Madison, who spent five years on the show before leaving at the end of season 5. 

Bailee Madison gives a shout-out to ‘Good Witch’ cast and crew 

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On Good Witch, Madison played Cassie Nightingale’s (Catherine Bell) daughter Grace Russell. Grace was an integral part of the first few years of the comedy-drama. But she graduated from high school at the end of season 5, after which the character was almost entirely absent from the show. (Madison did make a brief appearance as Grace in a video call with Cassie in an episode that aired earlier this year).

In real life, Madison had decided it was time to move on from Good Witch. But the series still has a special place in her heart. On the day the finale aired, she took to social media to express her support for the cast and crew. 

“Tonight marks the series finale of Good Witch and my heart is thinking of my beautiful cast and crew that I shared five wonderful years with,” she wrote in a message shared on Twitter. “The cast and crew became family, and what viewers don’t get to see when they watch something is every single person behind the camera who make[s] the magic and love possible.

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to bring Grace to life for five wonderful years, and am so grateful to have been part of the joy that filled homes,” she added.  

Was Grace in the ‘Good Witch’ series finale? 

Bailee Madison as Grace wearing a one-shouldered lilac bridesmaid dress in 'Good Witch'
Bailee Madison as Grace in Good Witch | ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Shane Mahood

Some Good Witch fans were undoubtedly hoping that Cassie’s daughter would make a visit home for the series finale. Unfortunately, it wasn’t meant to be. Madison didn’t appear in the show’s last episode, though we did hear her character call out for her mother at a critical moment. 

In her Instagram update, Madison, who recently appeared in the Netflix movie A Week Away, didn’t share any details about why she wasn’t in the finale. But after her brief appearance earlier in season 7, she explained that COVID-19 safety protocols created challenges when it came to filming.

“In the world of covid that’s the best we could do!!!!! Fun fact: @reallycb and I were texting while they were filming this episode & came up with the [Facetime] idea! I miss my #goodwitch family so much & love my #goodies always!!!!” she tweeted.  

Catherine Bell thanks fans for ‘all of your love and support’ 

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Madison wasn’t the only Good Witch actor sharing her thoughts on the end of the show with fans. In a video message shared by Hallmark, Bell thanked loyal viewers “for all of your love and support all these years for Good Witch. It’s been the most incredible journey.” 

“It was such a pleasure to join this cast,” said Katherine Barrell, who joined the show in season 6 as Joy Harper. “I’m going to miss it so much.” 

“It’s been an incredible run of the movies and then seven seasons of the show,” said Catherine Disher, who played Martha Tinsdale. “We’re all so, so grateful.”