‘Frasier’ Star Kelsey Grammer Teases Drama in Revival Series

Frasier‘s calling again. The hit sitcom starring Kelsey Grammer will soon return to TV, almost two decades after it ended its 11-season run on NBC. The original series followed Grammer’s Dr. Frasier Crane, a radio psychiatrist whose life could also use some help. It was acclaimed for its comedy, storytelling, and for Grammer’s performance, winning many awards throughout its time on the air.

Not much is known about the revival, but Grammer offered up some insight in an interview, explaining it’ll find Frasier in a “different place” than he’d imagined.

Peri Gilpin as Roz Doyle, David Hyde Pierce as Doctor Niles Crane, Kelsey Grammer as Doctor Frasier Crane, Kelsey Grammer as Doctor Frasier CraneJane Leeves as Daphne Moon and John Mahoney as Martin Crane in a promotional photo
The cast of ‘Frasier’ | NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

The ‘Frasier’ revival will feature him on a new journey

Fans spent 11 years with Frasier, watching to see if he would ever find the happiness he craved. He was always questioning if he was with the right woman and other aspects of his life such as his career. Frasier ultimately seemed to get his happily ever after at the end when he moved to Chicago to start a life with Charlotte Connor (Laura Linney), but it looks like life in the Windy City didn’t stick.

“He’s going to move,” Grammer, 66, told Fox News of the revival’s plot. “He’s going to end up in a different place in the end… and he’s going to start what he thinks is one life and it turns into another. I think of him as George Bailey now from ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ He’s about to go travel the world.”

“He wants to go see the world and something happens… that pulls him back and he has to live a completely different life than the [one] he planned,” he continued.

But there are positives in that situation.

“As a result, he ends up with love and emotional riches, and just a life that is so extraordinary,” Grammer noted. “And I think that’s Frasier’s story.”

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Who else is in the cast of the ‘Frasier’ revival?

So far, Grammer is the only original actor confirmed for the revival. But he hopes David Hyde Pierce (Niles Crane), Peri Gilpin (Roz Doyle), and Jane Leeves (Daphne Moon) will join him. John Mahoney, who appeared on the series as family patriarch Martin Crane, died in 2018.

“We’re negotiating with everybody,” Grammer said on Today in August. “We want everybody back, that’s my dream.”

“I hope everybody comes back,” he continued. “We certainly have alternative ideas and scenarios of there’s a new kind of thrust to… the new show. The third act for Frasier, the second act for the rest. And, uh, we just hope they all want to join us.”

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When does the ‘Frasier’ reboot start?

Grammer previously told Collider he believed the show would arrive in 2022, but it’s unclear if that’s still the plan, especially with cast negotiations still underway. When it does return, fans can find it on the streaming service Paramount Plus.