Fred Savage Appeared in a 1998 Episode of ‘Boy Meets World’ That Focused on Sexual Harassment

Before misconduct allegations were levied against him, Fred Savage was best known for his role as Kevin Arnold in The Wonder Years. His younger brother, Ben Savage, also an actor, is best known as Corey Matthews on Boy Meets World. In the 1990s, Fred appeared on his little brother’s show and portrayed a character whose behavior closely mimicks what Fred Savage is being accused of in real life. 

Fred Savage was accused of misconduct multiple times over the years

In May 2022, Fred Savage was fired from the reboot of The Wonder Years after misconduct allegations were levied against him. While the network did not make the exact nature of the issues public, it was not the first time allegations surfaced. The elder Savage had been accused of sexual harassment and misconduct in the past. 

Fred Savage appears on 'What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen'
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According to Vulture, Savage was accused of misconduct in 2016 on the set of The Grinder. The series lasted just a single season. The same year, Savage’s The Wonder Years co-star, Alley Mills, revealed that the series was canceled largely due to misconduct allegations. The accusations were levied against Savage and Jason Hervey. 

Savage was still a teen, and Hervey, who played Wayne Arnold, was in his early 20s when the allegations were made. Mills did not provide further details about what allegedly happened on set. 

In season 6 of ‘Boy Meets World’ Savage played a professor who sexually harassed his students 

While allegations against the elder Savage only recently became common knowledge, art did imitate life decades ago. The elder Savage appeared as a guest star on Boy Meets World during season 6 of the series. He portrayed Stuart, a professor that everyone seemed to like in the episode “Everybody Loves Stuart.” 

At least, Everyone liked him until he sexually harassed Topanga Lawrence and attempted to get Corey kicked out of Pennbrook University. The 1998 episode was ahead of its time, exploring sexual harassment and abuse of power themes. Fred Savage only appeared as Stuart in one episode. 

Will a ‘Boy Meets World’ reboot ever happen? 

Boy Meets World fans are still hoping for a full reboot of the series. It seems like a possibility, still. Danielle Fishell, Rider Strong, and Will Friedle are helping the show garner new interest through their rewatch podcast, Pod Meets World. In 2021, Ben Savage told Us Weekly that he’s always interested in reprising the role. Savage has opted not to appear on the new podcast. Still, there has been no public announcement. 

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That might have something to do with the fact that there was already a reboot of sorts. Girl Meets World premiered in 2014 and ran for three seasons. The series didn’t focus on Corey, Topanga, and their friends, though. Instead, the couple’s daughter, Riley, served as the central character. 

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