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Jennifer Aniston has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for over two decades. After rising to fame on Friends, Aniston went on to star in some of the biggest romantic comedies of the 2000s, all while continuously making headlines for her romantic relationships.

These days, Aniston has found a new fan base on Apple TV+ and continues to advocate for women’s rights — and she does it all while looking fabulous and fit. Aniston has long been famous for her healthy lifestyle and is notorious in her friend group for her delicious, “clean” margarita recipe. 

How did Jennifer Aniston become famous?

Aniston was born in 1969 to actors John Aniston and Nancy Dow. She knew early on that she wanted to be an actress and as a preteen, she began taking drama classes with the intention of going into the entertainment industry.

By the mid-eighties, she had begun scoring small roles in television and film projects, although she didn’t hit the big time until the mid-nineties, over a decade after she started out.

After a series of failed television pilots, Aniston was cast as one of the leads in the new television series Friends. The show became an overnight sensation, and after it debuted in 1994, Aniston quickly began earning acclaim. Friends allowed her not only to become one of television’s major power players but to gain access to Hollywood roles that had been out of her reach beforehand.

Over the past two decades, Aniston has appeared in movies like Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, Office Space, and The Good Girl. She has received acclaim for her abilities as a dramatic actress as well as her skills in comedy and has millions of fans all around the world. 

Jennifer Aniston’s healthy living regimen

Aniston has long been an advocate for a healthy lifestyle. While the actress claims that she has “no rules” when it comes to her diet, she eats very little starch and keeps the focus on lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins like pulled chicken and salmon.

She also makes sure to drink lots of water and keeps her sugar intake very low, rarely indulging in things like pasta or white bread. Also keeping Aniston youthful-looking is the fact that she prioritizes “good sleep” and loves to exercise.

Aniston likes to change it up in terms of exercise, and although she has long been a devotee of yoga, she also likes cycling, spinning, and strength exercises. As Aniston revealed, “variety is key” when it comes to staying interested and invested in workouts, and she has stated that she always listens to her body and takes a break when needed. 

What is Jennifer Aniston’s healthy margarita recipe?

Jennifer Aniston at the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival.
Jennifer Aniston | Michael Tran/FilmMagic

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Aniston doesn’t deny herself a cocktail from time to time, but when she’s craving an adult beverage, she doesn’t pour herself something packed with sugar and preservatives. In fact, she has her very own margarita recipe, that she created years ago and is now famous among her group of celebrity friends, including Jimmy Kimmel and his wife. 

The recipe, according to Aniston, is “barely a recipe. It’s basically silver tequila with lime juice shaken and over rocks. And some people like a little Cointreau, some don’t. It’s a cleaner margarita. No sugar, no mixes, no agave. I don’t like sweet drinks.”

In spite of the drink’s simplicity, it has earned her acclaim in Hollywood’s inner circles. According to Kimmel’s wife,  Molly McNearney, if Aniston were to be famous for one thing besides her acting, it would definitely be her ability to craft the delicious, light cocktail.