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Home and Garden Television, better known as HGTV, is filled with programs that are all about searching for a new home or updating an existing one, and the shows are pretty addictive. After just one episode of Flip or Flop, House Hunters, or Property Brothers, you can get hooked into watching several episodes. But many times, what you think is going on in a particular show is totally different from what actually happened.

Here are a few behind-the-scenes revelations about your favorite shows. Some are straight from the stars themselves while others are secrets the network doesn’t want you to know about.

1. House Hunters participants get paid to be on the show

A couple on House Hunters
They get paid a small fee to have their house hunting shown on TV. | HGTV

Ever wonder if people who go on House Hunters get paid? Well, the answer is yes. Anyone who agrees to appear on an episode gets a flat fee of $500 and that’s $500 per family, not per person.

As for the real estate agents, they do not get paid. However, the reason they sign on is for the publicity of getting their face out there for everyone to see who is interested in buying or selling a home in their area.

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