Is ‘Frozen 2’ Better Than the Original Disney Movie? Here’s What Fans Are Saying

The cold never bothered these characters anyway. With two stories of these powerful sisters, it’s hard to choose a favorite, though. Here’s what Disney fans are saying about the original Frozen and its sequel, Frozen 2.

Disney released their sequel to ‘Frozen’ in 2019

A few years following the release of their award-winning film, Frozen, Elsa, Anna, and all of their friends returned for one final adventure. (Or at least Olaf hopes this will be the end of the danger.) 

Frozen 2 told story of how Elsa got her powers and the lengths she’ll go to protect her kingdom and the people she loves. This film premiered during November 2019, later making the switch to Disney’s streaming platform. 

Frozen 2 earned a number of recognitions at award shows following its release. It earned the Golden Globe nomination for Best Animated Feature Film. Josh Gad earned the Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Male Voice from an Animated Movie for voicing the adorable Olaf. 

Fan opinions regarding the ‘Frozen’ movies are pretty split

About a year following its release, some Disney fans are still debating whether the Frozen sequel is better than the first movie. For some, it’s the music that wins them over. For others, nothing will top the empowering and inspiring messages of the first movie.

“I think that it is on the same level as the first. The story can falter in places and it’s a little messy at times, but the positives outweigh the negatives for me. Frozen 2 is an absolutely gorgeous movie,” one fan on Quora wrote. “The animation is just beautiful. I also loved the music. The characters are great and I love to see them on adventures together. I thought that it was a very solid movie.”

“I liked the tone of Frozen 2 more than the first one. It felt darker and a hell of a lot more mysterious. Learning about the tragic past of the Kingdom was a really exciting and interesting part of the movie and I left the theatre very surprised and happy,” another Quora user wrote.

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – FEBRUARY 25: Title placard of the Disney film “Frozen 2” at a new Disney “Frozen 2” window display at The Disney Store Century City on February 25, 2020 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

Which ‘Frozen’ movie has a higher Rotten Tomatoes score?

When it comes to fan and critic reviews for both movies, they’re generally pretty positive, resulting in praise for the animation and music of both movies. 

On Rotten Tomatoes, the audience score and critic score has different results for each Frozen film. The original Frozen has a higher critic score, whereas Frozen 2 has a higher audience score. Both Frozen movies are available for binge-watching on Disney’s streaming platform. 

There’s also television specials, like Frozen Fever, available that feature Olaf, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and all of their friends. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website

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