What Does Frozone’s Wife Look Like? Samuel L. Jackson Shares His Insight Behind This ‘Incredible’ Character

She’s the greatest good Frozone is ever gonna get. Throughout Pixar’s original movies, fans catch a glimpse at Frozone’s relationship with his wife, Honey. Still, some fans are wondering what Honey actually looks like. During a few interviews Samuel L. Jackson commented on this character and the importance of including her in Incredibles 2

Frozone’s wife appears as a voice in ‘Incredibles’ and ‘Incredibles 2’

Superheroes forced to make their secret identity their only identity — it only gets crazier from there. Fans first met Frozone (also known as Lucius Best,) with the first Disney and Pixar Incredibles movie. Sure he can create snow and ice from his hands, but the real superhero in his life is his wife. 

Frozone’s wife, named Honey, was voiced by actress Kimberly Adair Clark in the original Incredibles movie. Although we never see this character, we do hear her iconic speech when Frozone needs his super suit. After all, she is his wife, she is the greatest good he’s ever going to get. 

Her voice makes a second appearance in the sequel to the Incredibles movie. When Frozone gets suited up for battle, Honey calls him again offscreen, saying, “where you going ASAP? You better be back ASAP.” 

Actor Samuel L. Jackson with his character 'Frozone' of 'The Incredibles'
Actor Samuel L. Jackson with his character ‘Frozone’ of ‘The Incredibles’ | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What does Frozone’s wife, Honey, actually look like?

Even though she plays a big part in Frozone’s life outside of superhero work, Disney and Pixar fans never actually see this character. In 2018, actor Samuel L. Jackson commented on Honey and what she could look like. The answer, for some viewers, was somewhat unexpected. 

“She probably looks like Cardi B. That’s the image we need, she’s Cardi B,” Samuel L. Jackson said during an interview with Fandango All Access. Of course, Disney or Pixar has not commented on this character’s appearance, nor do fans expect to see her in future movies. (The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are available for streaming on Disney+.)

Samuel L. Jackson commented on the ‘visibility’ of Honey in the ‘Incredibles’ movies

Although fans might not actually see Honey, having her voice and relationship be included was important for the character and the visibility. For one article, Samuel L. Jackson commented on how Honey added to the representation of black heroes in the film. Particularly, in animated movies for children.

“She’s not absent. She’s there. She’s talking to me,” Jackson said during an interview with BET. “[And] how [do] you know she’s black? Honey is like an amber liquid, not necessarily a dark liquid unless it’s dark honey.”

“I have no idea why she’s not [seen]. I met the woman that voices her, she is black,” he continued. “I don’t know. Maybe we’ll do a short or something with her in it. Give me a chance to get some more employment. Do the Honey movie.”

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