‘Full House’: Here’s the Meal Rebecca Cooked To Tell Uncle Jesse She Was Pregnant

With Uncle Jesse’s music career just kicking off, Rebecca had a hard time telling her husband that she was pregnant. She had a few unique ideas, though, including a baby-themed dinner and a game of picture charades. 

Here’s what we know about these Full House characters, who later returned for the Netflix spinoff series, Fuller House.

'Full House' episode titled 'Gotta Dance'
‘Full House’ episode titled ‘Gotta Dance’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘Full House’ character, Becky, got pregnant after married Uncle Jesse 

The Tanner house got even more “full” during one episode of this sitcom. As one of the couples on Full House, Becky and Uncle Jesse got married during a two-part episode, titled “The Wedding.” A few episodes later, Aunt Becky learned that she was pregnant. 

This wasn’t a planned baby and she had to figure out how to tell her husband. Even keeping the secret for a few hours was challenging with this family. 

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Becky tried to tell Jesse during the ‘Rock the Cradle’ episode of ‘Full House’

There were a few attempts by Becky to tell her husband about their baby. The biggest was when Rebecca cooked Uncle Jesse a baby-themed dinner, complete with baby shrimp, baby corn, and baby back ribs.

After Jesse started talking about a new opportunity for him and his band, though, Becky couldn’t tell him she was pregnant. She tried again later that night with a game of “picture charades.”

Becky started her game by saying it was a movie title and drawing a cheese. He got the “she’s having a” part pretty quickly. When Becky drew her last clue, though, Uncle Jesse guessed it was a hot dog.

“No, Jess, it’s not ‘she’s having a hot dog,’ it’s ‘she’s having a baby,’ and the ‘she’ is me,” Rebecca blurted out, out of frustration. “I’m having a baby.”

“You know what this means? We’re having a baby, I’m gonna be a-,” Uncle Jesse said, running to Rebecca. Before this character could say “father,” he fainted. Eventually, the news became welcomed by the whole family, with each of the Tanners chipping in to help.

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Becky and Jesse had twins, Nicky and Alex, who returned for a few cameos in ‘Fuller House’

After more trips to the doctor, this young couple learned that they were expecting twins. A few episodes later, Full House viewers met Nicky and Alex.

These characters grew up on the series, even returning for some episodes of the Netflix spinoff, Fuller House.

Netflix’s original series featured most of the same Full House characters, now a few years later. Becky and Jesse were still together, but with their twins old, the couple decided to adopt a daughter named Pamela, after Jesse’s late sister.

Most episodes of Full House are available on Hulu, while Fuller House is available on Netflix.