From ‘Full House’ to ‘Modern Family’ Here Are a Few Series’ With Disney World and Disneyland-Related Episodes

Who doesn’t love a day at Disney? For a few different television shows the cast spent a day at the happiest place on earth. Here are a few of our favorite Disney-based episodes of sitcoms like Full House, Modern Family, and Black-ish

'The House Meets The Mouse' Episode of 'Full House'
‘The House Meets The Mouse’ Episode of ‘Full House’ | Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Photo Archives/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

‘House Meets the Mouse’ Episodes of ‘Full House’

When one of the members of this Full House has his band play in Disney World, the whole family decides to tag along. They’re always trying to spend time together, especially Danny and his girlfriend Vicky, who Danny finally wants to propose to. 

DJ on the other hand will be separated from her boyfriend, Steve, and after touching down in Florida, she starts seeing him everywhere. Meanwhile, Michelle becomes the “Princess for the Day,” getting three wishes and becoming pretty bossy in the meantime. 

In this two-part episode, the Tanners have an unforgettable vacation together. Joey makes a cartoon come to life. Jesse and Joey swim with a stingray, and the whole family gets to be in a parade together. 

‘Disneyland’ Episode of ‘Modern Family’

The Dunphys are spending a day together in Disneyland. You’d think everyone would be super excited. Turns out, Manny has a project to do, Gloria is wearing uncomfortable heels, and after running into Haley’s ex-boyfriend, Dylan, she’s a little upset that he didn’t call her. 

No matter, Jay wants to make a good memory there after what happened with his ex-wife right before he went with Claire and Mitch as kids. Phil just wants to ride a bunch of roller coasters with Luke but quickly realizes he feels too sick to go on the crazy rides. 

Mitch and Cam are dealing with Lily and her habits of running away. They decide to keep her on a leash, which results in some jokes from Jay and Claire. In the end, the whole family watches Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln together and Jay realizes that he made some pretty good decisions to end up with a family like this.

‘VIP’ Episode of ‘Black-ish’

As a sort of ABC-rite-of-passage, Black-ish became one of the newest shows to earn its own Disney-based episodes. As the Black-ish season premiere, “VIP” tells the story of the Johnsons head to the happiest place on earth. The kids of the family get priority seating on rides thanks to their tour guide.

That special treatment, however, is cut short the moment the tour guide leaves. Some Disney purists even noticed that the cast stopped by Soarin’ Around the World. The group even gets a chance to ride in a Disney parade. 

Some of these television shows are available for streaming on Hulu, including every season of the sitcom Full House. The Disney movies that often inspire the rides, however, are available on Disney’s streaming platform. To learn more about Disney+ and to subscribe, visit their website

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