‘Full House’ Kept 1 Star a Secret Until the Final Season

Full House was one of the most popular family sitcoms of the 1990s. As a result, nearly every actor in its ensemble cast became synonymous with their roles on the show. But during its initial run, one actor was kept under wraps until the very last season. Here’s the rundown on which Full House cast member the producers tried to keep a secret for nearly the show’s entire run.

Bob Saget and the rest of the 'Full House' cast
Bob Saget and the rest of the ‘Full House’ cast | Bob D’Amico/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

The ‘Full House’ house is an iconic home in TV history

As much as actors like Candace Cameron Bure and Bob Saget became household names for Full House, perhaps the show’s greatest star is the house. For eight seasons (13, if you count sequel series Fuller House), fans followed the Tanner family’s adventures in their San Francisco home. Although not shot on location, the Full House house has become a tourist attraction.

While the Tanner home’s fictional address is 1882 Gerrard Street, it’s actually located at 1709 Broderick Street in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood. Series creator Jeff Franklin even purchased the house in 2016. But while the real-life house is a bit deceptive in its role on Full House, the show did actively hide one of its most popular actors for years.

Producers tried to hide 1 member of the ‘Full House’ cast

Although the Full House set is teeming with shocking behind-the-scenes stories, one of the more surprising elements of the show happened right upfront. At the beginning of the show’s iconic credits sequence, viewers are introduced to the Tanner family and friends. But fan-favorite Michelle Tanner was only presented honestly in season 8 of the show.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, of course, played the youngest Tanner. But for most of Full House, Michelle’s performance was credited to “Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen.” This wording implied that “Ashley” was Mary-Kate’s middle name when it actually referred to her sister. According to MTV, the producers intentionally misled viewers because they wanted to hide the truth.

The most likely reason behind this decision was to avoid distraction. Perhaps they thought viewers would be distracted if they knew Michelle was played by the two actors. Nevertheless, the Olsen twins — who are fraternal, not identical, by the way — emerged the show’s breakout stars. Finally, Full House season 8 included both actors clearly in the opening credits.


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Will fans ever see the cast reunite for ‘Fullest House’?

After it ended in 1995, Full House fans continued to revisit the show over the years. And in 2016, Fuller House caught up with all the original show’s characters. However, the Olsen twins were the only hold-out. After five seasons on Netflix, Michelle never made an appearance.

Fuller House wrapped in 2020. But already some folks — including stars Candace Cameron Bure — believe there’s more story to tell. No plans are currently in the cards for Fullest House. But if Fuller House proved anything, it’s that fans can never count the Tanner family out.