G-Eazy Reveals What Happened When He Met ‘Favorite Artist’ Kanye West: ‘I Was So Embarrassed’

G-Eazy has been a fan of Kanye West for years, and the two rappers seem to have a great deal in common. Here’s what happened when G-Eazy met his idol, and why the encounter left him feeling “embarrassed” and “defeated.”

Side by side photos of G-Eazy and Kanye West.
(L-R) G-Eazy and Kanye West | Michael Tran/AFP via Getty Images; George Pimentel/Getty Images

G-Eazy is a self-proclaimed huge fan of Kanye West

Rapper G-Eazy has always looked up to Kanye West, and he frequently praises his fellow musician in interviews. In a 2021 conversation with SiriusXM, the “These Things Happen” rapper  was asked which artists influenced his music. G-Eazy didn’t hesitate before naming West.

“My first concert was Kanye West,” he responded. “I was, I think, 13 or 14, and it was College Dropout. And I remember at that time, Kanye, the barriers he broke coming out the gate with his first album, and just being so bold and being so unique and being so himself, and confident in who he was.”

G-Eazy continued, “And somebody else who, his genius was digging back and taking old soul samples and flipping those and reinterpreting them in a different way. And for that reason, he just always inspired me the most. That’s probably one of my biggest heroes.”

G-Eazy revealed what happened when he met Kanye West

The rapper finally got an opportunity to meet his idol, but the encounter didn’t exactly go as planned. In a 2018 interview with Live Nation, G-Eazy revealed what happened when he met Kanye West.

“Let me tell you about this one time I fan’d out. I met my favorite artist of all time, Kanye, and I did not know what to say,” the rapper said. “I was hella nervous. And I just started babbling.”

He continued, “Just, I don’t even know what I was saying, I watched his eyes go like… okay, anyway, and resumed a conversation over here.”

G-Eazy concluded, “And I was so defeated, I was so embarrassed. I just couldn’t help it, Kanye’s like, the greatest of all time.”


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The two rappers have a few things in common

It makes sense that G-Eazy would idolize Kanye West. After all, the two artists have a lot in common – they even shared the same management at one point. 

They are both Geminis, which they reference in their lyrics. “The ultimate Gemini has survived/ I wasn’t supposed to make it past 25,” West rapped in his song “Saint Pablo.” And G-Eazy rapped on his song “Him & I” with Halsey, “It’s her and I, mobbin’ ‘til the end of time/ Only one who gets me, I’m a crazy f***in’ Gemini.”

They have both been in messy, high-profile relationships – West with Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian, among others, and G-Eazy with Halsey, Lana Del Rey, and Ashley Benson. 

Both rappers heavily feature samples of older songs, especially in their early work. They both are obsessed with fashion: West has his highly successful Yeezy line, while G-Eazy is a sneakerhead who frequents runway shows.