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Game of Thrones reached its ultimate conclusion in May, and fans are still pleading for a do-over following the show’s disappointing end to an otherwise epic saga. Game of Thrones — violating narrative orthodoxies from the premiere — killed off main characters with a self-satisfying zeal, and did not make room for heroes and villains, but for people with intricate dynamics, internal conflicts, and far-reaching goals. 

Game of Thrones
‘Game of Thrones’ cast | Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Though medieval, infused with incest and violence, and downright complicated, the show managed to bring together fans spanning demographics and will live on as of one of the most successful HBO shows ever (despite its ending). However, while some characters grew with time, becoming the glue that held the show together — Jon Snow, Arya Stark, etc. — others fell flat. 

Game of Thrones fans often concur that one main character, in particular, left much to be desired, as the narrative arc surrounding the integral player grew stale, uninteresting, and at times, felt uninspired. So, who’s the culprit? 

Why many fans argue that Daenerys Targaryen was the ‘most boring’ main character in ‘Game of Thrones’

When browsing through forums discussing boring GoT characters, one trend quickly emerges: Daenerys Targaryen comes up more frequently than you may have expected. Though one of the characters whose story was most vital to the entire Game of Thrones saga, fans argue that her story grew quite bland in the middle. Dany started off strong but got lost somewhere down the line. One fan, commenting on the most boring character, stated:

Sadly it really has been Danaerys for me.. she was interesting in the first two seasons and she finally was starting to get interesting now but there was a hug span of time where her character hasn’t really interested me, there was just so much filler of repeated plotlines of her annexing a kingdom, locals don’t like it, executing people then repeating it again. Her going back to the Dothraki just felt like a waste of time last season. I think the Emelia is totally fine playing her but the material she was given was lacking.

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Other fans chimed in to support the above proclamation, stating that Daenerys failed to hold their attention. One fan explained, “ I’ve pretty much hated Dany since I read “A Game of Thrones” forever ago (well before the series). I used to skip her chapters because I found her boring…” 

Many fans agree that Dany’s storylines grew repetitive; thus, fans stopped caring where she was and what she was doing, for the turnout remained unremarkably similar to one of her many previous arcs. Others argue that, without the dragons, she would have failed to retain any appeal. One Game of Thrones fan said, “…The only thing interesting about her story so far is her dragons and we barely get to see them.” 

Though Daenerys’ final transformation into the Mad Queen may have spiced things up, many argue that her closing plotline felt rushed. Thus, through the writers managed to rid the character of her longstanding monotony, it went unappreciated on the grounds that it was, to many fans, largely unfounded.