George Harrison Didn’t Approve of Yoko Ono Putting Sean Lennon in the Papers and Michael Jackson’s House

George Harrison didn’t like that Yoko Ono put her son, Sean Lennon, in the newspapers and Michael Jackson’s house when he was a kid. His son Dhani was about the same age as Sean. However, as a famous person, he knew to let his son grow up away from the spotlight.

George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and her son Sean Lennon at The Beatles' Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductions in 1988.
George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Sean Lennon | Sonia Moskowitz/IMAGES/Getty Images

George Harison didn’t like Yoko Ono putting her son, Sean Lennon, in the newspapers and Michael Jackson’s house

In a 1987 interview with After Nine, George talked about his son Dhani and how he was trying to raise him humbly. Shortly after Dhani was born, George and his wife, Olivia, decided to keep him as much away from the spotlight as possible.

Unfortunately, however, that wasn’t how John Lennon’s kids had grown up. John’s first, Julian, had grown up during the height of Beatlemania. His second son, Sean, whom he had with Yoko, grew up in the aftermath of his death. They didn’t get a chance to be kids.

“John’s first son was at the height of Beatlemania, Julian, and his second son is growing up in the height of publicity or whatever it’s called because Yoko is pushing him there,” George said. “I mean she putting him in the papers and putting him on the television and putting him in Michael Jackson’s house.

“You know, different strokes for different folks. I think they should let ’em have a bit of peace and be kids and just play as kids. Everybody wants to know about and find out about your kids, but I think that’s unfair on them.”

George wanted to raise Dhani differently than Yoko was raising Sean

In his interview with After Nine, George explained that he planned to raise Dhani differently than Yoko was raising Sean.

George said, “It’s not normal anyway, having a dad who’s an ex-Beatle, living in a sort of wacky castle. That’s not normal.

“But to him it is normal, and within that framework, he’s still-he’s a good boy and knows that there’s people who aren’t as fortunate, and he’s sensitive to the other things that are happening in the world. He’s not just like, you know, some pampered little horror, like precocious and that. He’d good; I think he’s OK.”

Even though Dhani and Sean grew up differently, they still had a cousin-ly relationship.


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Dhani and Sean are like brothers

George and Yoko’s sons might have had different childhoods, but that doesn’t mean Dhani and Sean didn’t have a relationship. Dhani didn’t have siblings as a kid, but he had his fellow Beatle children.

George used to tell Dhani, “You look more like me than I do,” and he was right. Dhani has a remarkable resemblance to his father, a curse and a blessing that most of the other male Beatle children have in common.

Whenever Dhani sees Sean, “sometimes we’ll just look at each other and go, ‘Whoa, dude… you look like my dad’s best friend,'” Dani told the Daily Mail. In 2018, the pair took a selfie resembling a similar one their fathers took 50 years earlier.

Dhani and Sean have another thing in common; they’ve safeguarded their fathers’ legacies. It might have felt like they grew up in different worlds, but they’re a part of one big happy Beatle family.