George Harrison’s Wife Olivia Says She Needs to Set His Affairs in Order Before She Dies

George Harrison‘s wife, Olivia, feels she needs to set her husband’s affairs in order, preferably before she “kicks the bucket.” Olivia and the couple’s only son, Dhani, have safeguarded George’s legacy perfectly throughout the two decades since he died.

George Harrison and his wife, Olivia, in London, 1990.
George Harrison with his wife Olivia | Tom Wargacki/Getty Images

George Harrison’s wife, Olivia, and their son, Dhani, took over at Beatles meetings

Yoko Ono became the first Beatles widow after Mark David Chapman assassinated John Lennon in 1980. Olivia became the second after George died of cancer in 2001. They have taken their husbands’ seats in Beatles boardroom meetings.

They discuss Beatles business and vote on things that affect the band and their music, including projects like Peter Jackson’s recent three-part documentary, The Beatles: Get Back.

However, Olivia told the Associated Press that she and Dhani are more opinionated on certain things.

“Dhani and I are really there to look after George’s legacy,” she said. “On some things, we’re more opinionated. But on other things, I’m like, ‘it’s their music, it’s their images … they know what they want to hear and see. It’s great to shepherd and provide George’s material and help them in any way we can.”

However, Olivia hasn’t only looked after her husband’s famous band over the years. She’s looked after his entire solo career, his record company, Dark Horse Records, his film company, HandMade Films, and his estate, Friar Park.

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George Harrison’s wife, Olivia, said she needs to set his affairs in order before she dies

Olivia recently released a poetry book called, Came the Lightening, 20 proems for George. Speaking about her new book with AARP, Olivia said she needs to get George’s affairs in order before she “kicks the bucket.”

AARP asked her, “You’ve taken on huge responsibilities as a philanthropist and with the legacies of George and the Beatles. Why haven’t you slowed down?”

“Maybe there’s a need to feel like you’re going to finish everything before you kick the bucket. How do I balance it? Not very well. I find it hard to focus on things because I want to be in the garden. But writing this book was a real revelation. I really could not stop. I wanted to express that grief.

“It’s not that I blocked it for 20 years. I certainly went through it and faced it soberly for a couple of years after George died. I thought, What does it mean for me? Same with Dhani. George died for a reason. What is the lesson for us? We better find out, or it’s just a big waste.

“First Eric [Clapton] called me to do Concert for George. Then we did a movie, we did a book, and then the music. Then some of George’s unreleased music. I have an overdeveloped sense of duty. There are still all these 24-track tapes sitting in the vault.”

There’s still so much more safeguarding Olivia and Dhani need to do.

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Olivia and Dhani aren’t stopping

Since George died in 2001, Olivia and Dhani have worked tirelessly on remastering George’s catalog, work that has recently given them a Grammy.

George’s wife and son earned a Grammy Award at the 2022 Grammy Awards for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for their work on All Things Must Pass: 50th Anniversary Edition.

According to Billboard, Dhani is the first child of a Beatle to receive a Grammy. Olivia is the third wife or widow of a Beatle to win a Grammy.

Olivia and Dhani will continue to look after George’s interests. So, it’ll be interesting to see what they do next. Hopefully, we’ll get to see whatever is in George’s vault.

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