‘Ghost Hunters’ Spinoff is a ‘Train Wreck’ According to Fans

The reality TV show Ghost Hunters brought paranormal investigation into the mainstream. The hunters on the show showed off some high tech ways of discovering the sources of strange happenings. Their scientific methods had even skeptics believing that something is out there. 

Since the original was such a hit, Ghost Nationwhich features most of the same hunters, should be a fan favorite. But Jason Hawes and his team may not be winning over all of Ghost Hunters’ diehard fans. Some fans on reddit are unhappy with the new series. They’re not sure Hawes was the right guy for the job. 

Who is Jason Hawes?

Samantha Hawes, KJ McCormick, Steve Gonsalves, Jason Hawes, Dave Tango, Dustin Pari
Samantha Hawes, KJ McCormick, Steve Gonsalves, Jason Hawes, Dave Tango, Dustin Pari | Michael Cogliantry/Syfy/NBCU Photo Bank

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Like most paranormal investigators, the Ghost Nation crew is an interesting bunch. Hawes was part of the original. Ghost Hunters show on the SyFy channel. He and Grant Wilson, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango created a new genre of television with the series. It’s sparked many similar shows, and boasted an impressive 11 season run. 

Now Hawes is back, and this time he’s taking the lead. While Wilson does occasionally appear on Ghost Nation, Hawes is the star this time. He has a lot of experience in the ghost hunting industry. He’s worked for law enforcement, religious organizations, and even the government. Of course, he takes cases from private citizens and well, when he can find the time. 

That’s probably not often. He has written six bestselling books, and started The Atlantic Paranormal Society. With his work for TAPS, his books, and now filming for Ghost Nation, it’s hard to imagine he has much time to spare for private clients. 

With all this experience, fans expected Ghost Nation to be an exciting show. After all, it’s billed as a kind of reboot of Ghost Hunters. The original is what got most fans in to paranormal investigating in the first place. But for some Reddit fans, Hawes has missed the mark. 

Fans think ‘Ghost Nation’ lacks depth

Studying the paranormal is hardly a superficial activity. Discovering the source of strange happenings takes skill, bravery, and perseverance, as well as an understanding of the nature of spirits. 

Hawes may have the prerequisite experience, but for fans, he’s not able to translate that into a compelling show. One fan went as far as to describe Ghost Nation as “dull.” When Hawes finally finds a ghost, his reaction is usually disappointing and anticlimactic, according to fans. 

Other fans think the show is “overly setup and overly produced.” It’s true theatrics that increase suspense are common in ghost hunting shows. In fact, all reality TV shows use music, editing, and other tricks to manipulate fans’ emotions. However, fans are particularly offended by Ghost Nation’s use of the tactics. Probably because the show doesn’t deliver on the suspense it creates. 

‘Ghost Nation’ doesn’t resolve anything 

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It’s not just about the ghosts, either. Hawes and his team often find evidence of spirits in the homes they’re investigating. But it seems to fans like the minute they see find the paranormal activity, they pack up their things and leave. 

Fans want to see more resolution on the show. They either want the Ghost Nation crew to get rid of the spirits, or at the very least reassure the homeowners. 

Fans expressed particular frustration with an episode where the homeowner had PTSD. He was so scared of the spirits in his home that he was actually sleeping outside. Fans were disappointed when Hawes confirmed the haunting, and told the guy that everything was good to go. It could be that Hawes has more social skills with spirits than with the living.