‘Ghosts’: Rose McIver Trades Zombies for Spirits in the CBS Comedy

Just in time for Halloween, CBS is debuting its newest show, Ghosts. The TV series is about a group of spirits that haunt the new owners of a mansion. Rose McIver stars in the lead role, whose ready to take on another paranormal show.

'Ghosts' actor Rose McIver in a white blouse, and Richie Moriarty in a Boy Scout uniform in a scene from the series.
Rose McIver and Richie Moriarty I Bertrand Calmeau/CBS via Getty Images

‘iZombie’ is Rose McIver’s first paranormal role

As a child star, McIver has plenty of film and TV credits on her resume. However, in 2015 she landed her breakout role on the CW series iZombie. McIver starred as Liv Moore, a medical examiner who turns into a zombie.

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To satisfy her hunger, Liv eats the brains of the morgue’s dead bodies. Although she tries to hide her secret, her boss Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli) and Detective Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin) soon learn the truth. Liv discovers she inherits a deceased person’s personality traits whenever she eats their brains. The show’s main storyline consists of Liv using newfound skills to help Clive solve murder cases.

iZombie was a critical and ratings success. However, after five seasons, the show was cancelled in August 2019.

‘Ghosts’ has Rose McIver’s character seeing spirits

McIver is trading in zombies for spirits in Ghosts. Although the role means another supernatural part for McIver, the actor has no problem with it. In an interview with TVInsider.com, she talked about her experience on paranormal shows. “I’m starting to wonder if I get typecast working with dead people only,” she joked.

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The series revolves around McIver’s character Samantha, who inherits a historic mansion. When Samantha and her husband Jay (Utkarsh Ambudkar) move in, their renovations disrupt the house’s deceased occupants. After falling down the steps, Samantha discovers she can see the eccentric group of spirits. Among the ghostly figures are a Boy Scout troop leader, a Viking, and a pantsless spirit. “They’re a really great, textured, funny bunch that will bring all different kinds of energies to the production,” McIver revealed.

‘Ghosts’ is generating positive reviews

CBS is heavily promoting their new spooky yet humorous show. The series is based on a BBC sitcom of the same name, so the American version has a lot of high expectations. Critics have already gotten a sneak peek of the show’s first episode, garnering positive feedback.

In a review from TVLine.com, McIver’s performance is listed as a reason to watch the charming show. “Mciver is bubbly and appealing as Sam, and her newly acquired sixth sense sets up all kinds of storytelling possibilities going forward.” Ghosts has the critics’ approval; now, it’s time for viewers to give their opinion during the Oct. 7 premiere.