Giada De Laurentiis’ 5 Crowd-Pleasing Game Day Snack Recipes

A big part of the fun of every game day gathering is undoubtedly the food. Starring goodies like fried ravioli and chocolate pizza, here are five of Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis‘ easy and delicious game day recipes to make every get-together a little more special. Because it’s all about the food, right?

Chef Giada De Laurentiis presents dishes of food at a 2021 Food Network event.
Giada De Laurentiis at a 2021 Food Network event | Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images for NYCWFF

De Laurentiis’ Avocado Hummus with Pita Chips is a delicious spin on regular hummus

If you’ve had a traditional hummus recipe with garbanzo beans and garlic, you must try De Laurentiis’ avocado-based spin on the Middle Eastern dip. Peppery arugula, cannellini beans, and ripe avocados give her Avocado Hummus with Crispy Pita Chips its zing, body, and irresistible creaminess. Lime-chipotle pita chips on the side complement this lush, velvety dish.

Reviewers wrote on Food Network’s site, “Fantastic hummus! Love the mix of flavors” and “I can’t stop eating it! I’ll definitely need to make this more often as a healthy snack for myself.”

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Giada De Laurentiis’ Fried Ravioli recipe comes together quickly

The chef’s “crunchy, cheesy piece of heaven,” as she calls her Fried Ravioli in its Food Network video, has only five ingredients — buttermilk, bread crumbs, store-bought cheese ravioli, grated Parmesan, and store-bought marinara sauce — for a quick game day snack.

Home cooks loved how easy this appetizer is to make — and how great it tastes. They wrote on Food Network’s site: “So simple and easy to prepare, and my family adored it” and “Easy to prepare and deep fry and absolutely delicious!”

Giada De Laurentiis’ Stuffed Mushrooms are a delicious side dish

With hundreds of five-star reviews and a handful of ingredients, De Laurentiis’ Stuffed Mushrooms recipe is a classic appetizer that shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. Featuring Italian-style dried bread crumbs, grated Pecorino Romano cheese, minced garlic, chopped fresh parsley and mint, extra virgin olive oil, and hollowed-out mushrooms, the chef’s version is easy to make and deliciously flavored.

“These were a complete hit with dinner guests! So easy and super tasty!” one home cook wrote on Food Network’s website. Another reviewer noted, “Have made these several times — such a great, easy appetizer!”

You can freeze the chef’s Mozzarella Sticks until you’re ready to make them

De Laurentiis dips rectangular-shaped pieces of mozzarella cheese in egg wash and then immediately dredges them in Italian-style bread crumbs. Her secret to great fried Mozzarella Sticks? Arrange the breaded cheese pieces on a baking sheet, and leave them in the freezer for about two hours until they’re “frozen almost solid.”

They’re then fried in a pan, being careful not to overcrowd the pieces while they cook. The result is a golden brown, melt-in-your-mouth snack that guests will gobble up.

Reviewers wrote: “Couldn’t have been easier! The whole crowd RAVED about them!” and “Very good. I never knew it was so easy to make homemade cheese sticks. I even froze these for about 2 months and they turned out great.”

Make extra of De Laurentiis’ Chocolate Pizza for your game day crowd

Milk, semi-sweet, and white chocolate chips make the chef’s Chocolate Pizza into a heavenly dessert guests won’t get enough of.

A homemade or store-bought pizza crust is prepared in the oven, after which hazelnut-chocolate spread and the variety of chocolate chips are immediately arranged on the warm crust.

One reviewer noted this recipe is a fun one to make with kids: “The kids had a blast making the pizza and it tasted heavenly.” Another fan said: “Not only super easy and quick to make but sooooo delicious. It’s such an easy tasty treat.”

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