Giada De Laurentiis Goes Full-On Scrumptious With This S’mores Brownies Recipe

Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis has always been transparent about her love of sweets. Though she recently released a book on healthy eating, the Giada Entertains star still has a soft spot for desserts. De Laurentiis recently shared a decadent recipe involving marshmallows and chocolate, which is sure to be a summer hit.

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Giada De Laurentiis’ dessert recipe merges two favorites

De Laurentiis combined two favorite desserts with an irresistible result. Is it a brownie? Yes. Is it a S’more? Yes. Campfire is optional.

“Casually dropping this stack of s’mores brownies right here. (Guys. They’re SO GOOD. 🤤),” the culinary queen posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of the drool-worthy confections. Fans immediately expressed their enthusiasm.

“I have never wanted to jump into my phone more than this moment,” one follower wrote. “THIS LOOKS INSANELY DELICIOUS,” another posted. “Wow!!! I have to try making these for our next family gathering,” a fan remarked.

With a list of traditional ingredients such as eggs, sugar, graham crackers, and chocolate chips, De Laurentiis estimates the prep time of these delectables at just 25 minutes. After some simple mixing and layering, the S’mores Brownies takes about 50 minutes to bake. The crossover confection will certainly bring a wow-factor to any parties or summer barbecues.

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‘Eat Better, Feel Better’ was released in March

Earlier this year, De Laurentiis announced her new book, Eat Better, Feel Better. Making more healthy choices in her daily meals, the Everyday Italian shared what she’s learned on her path to wellness.

“The book is really about my personal journey to feel better and in sharing that, I hope that other people will discover how to help themselves feel better as well,” she told La Cucina Italiana in March 2021. “In the book, I tell people to eat the foods that love you back.”

Emphasizing that healthy eating is not a once-size-fits-all endeavor, De Laurentiis encourages people to tailor their meals to their own physical needs and responses.

“It’s all about taking it slow and really listening to your body to discover what is best for you,” the Food Network host explained. “Everyone is different, so what might work for one person may not work for another. The key to eating better to feel better is to listen to your body and make adjustments accordingly.”

Giada De Laurentiis recommends balance in healthy eating

With Italian cooking as her trademark, De Laurentiis often uses rich ingredients to bring out robust flavors. Though she foregoes the use of processed foods in her recipes, the chef doesn’t believe that removing entire food groups is necessary for healthy eating.

“Many people think there needs to be a drastic change in order to eat healthily, but that’s not true,” De Laurentiis said. “My cooking still stays true to my Italian roots, with lots of delicious, fresh ingredients. Eating well is not about eliminating foods.”

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De Laurentiis is a firm believer in balance, allowing favorite foods to remain on the menu and just opting for moderation.

“It’s about noting how they affect you and eating less of those that challenge your health,” she remarked. “That doesn’t mean you can’t eat pasta or dairy. As an Italian, I would never tell you that! Eating well is about finding the right balance for you. The real goal is to rethink the food we’re putting in our bodies and reduce the amount of inflammatory foods and toxins, but not eliminate things entirely.”

De Laurentiis’ full recipe for S’More Brownies is on her website.