Gigi Hadid’s Home Decor is So Terrible Fans Can’t Get Over It

Taking a peek inside a celebrity‘s houses is one of the public’s voyeuristic pleasures. Sure, there are some celebrities who choose to live modestly and have pretty typical homes as a result, but there are many who pour a lot of love, passion, and money into their homes.

Getting to take a look inside these marvels of architecture and decor can serve as inspiration or at least an escapist fantasy about what us everyday folks would do if we ever struck it rich. 

But then there are the homes that just leave us scratching our heads. With all those resources available, it seems baffling that some celebrities would make such shockingly terrible decor choices. Gigi Hadid’s home is one of those for many fans. 

Gigi Hadid is famous for her modeling career

Gigi Hadid walks the runway
Gigi Hadid walks the runway | Stephane Cardinale – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

Gigi Hadid was born into a wealthy family and has many famous connections including high-profile friendships with celebrities like Taylor Swift and Kendall Jenner. Hadid’s father was a very successful real estate mogul during her childhood, and though his company has since filed for bankruptcy, she grew up with many connections. She also started her modeling career when she was just a toddler. 

By 2014, Hadid’s career had really taken off. That was the year she debuted at New York Fashion Week. In 2016, she won the coveted International Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. The very next year, Glamour named her Woman of the Year.

On top of her modeling accolades, Hadid has also grabbed headlines because of her relationship. Her partner is Zayn Malik, famed former member of One Direction who now has a thriving solo music career.

The pair recently announced they are expecting their first child, a milestone they’ve largely kept out of the public eye. Now that the news has broken, Hadid and Malik have made it clear that they’re thrilled about their growing family and what the future holds. 

Gigi Hadid gave followers a virtual tour of her apartment

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The model lives in a gorgeous New York City apartment, and she recently granted fans a close look into her decor choices. She posted a series of ten photographs to Instagram, and the shots definitely showcased Hadid’s eclectic and colorful style. 

The images include a couch with separate chunky cushions in a range of hues and textures including what looks like a corduroy dark orange cushion, a bright orange solid, and a zigzagged pattern in purple and blue. Another shot shows what looks like the back of a multicolored couch in the foreground with the focus on a large asymmetric piece of art in bright blue and yellow on the wall.

The kitchen features a large display bowl filled with pool balls while the walls of a bathroom are covered in New Yorker magazines which reflect in the mirror to give an illusion of an endless array of the covers. 

Fans are aghast at Gigi Hadid’s choices

Some fans took to Twitter to share their opinions on Hadid’s decor choices. Many found them to be over-the-top and overwhelming. “Imagine your entire home looking like an ‘I Spy’ book,” one commenter tweeted in reference to the colorful collection of items in Hadid’s home. Many pointed out specific eclectic items shared in Hadid’s images, including a giant yellow pen propped in the corner of one room.

Still others took the opportunity to come to Hadid’s defense. “I think its clear that op is a 34 yr old millennial who thinks that a single plant is a stunning interior design choice. News flash hannah, no body wants a grey and white house anymore,” one commenter quipped.

Others took the chance to point out that the model had clearly designed her house in a way that fit her personality and tastes: “it’s her, what’s not to love? of course everyone may not like it because we all have different tastes but that’s not an excuse to say ugly things about it.”