‘Gilmore Girls’: 1 Deleted Scene From Season 2 Shows Paris Calling Out Rory for Liking Jess

Few subjects have sparked such hot debate in the Gilmore Girls fandom as which boyfriend was Rory Gilmore’s best match. But regardless of what team you’re on, no one can deny the chemistry between Rory and the book-loving bad boy Jess Mariano. Now, according to a deleted scene from Gilmore Girls Season 2, everyone — even the socially awkward Paris Geller — seemed to have reckoned with the inevitability of Rory and Jess.

Rory gets in hot water with Dean in Season 2 Episode 16: ‘There’s the Rub’

Gilmore Girls deleted scene
Alexis Bledel played Rory in ‘Gilmore Girls | Chris Polk/FilmMagic

In a scene from Gilmore Girls Season 2 Episode 16, “There’s the Rub,” Rory (Alexis Bledel) has the house to herself when Lorelai (Lauren Graham) takes off for a spa weekend with her mother, the other Gilmore Girl, Emily Gilmore. While Lorelai is gone, Rory embraces her full Rory-ness. Rather than invite her hunky boyfriend Dean over like any other teenager, she orchestrates a night alone with her laundry and stinky Indian food.

However, after telling Dean she intends to spend the night alone, Rory’s plan is quickly thwarted. Soon, Paris arrives for a hostage-study-takedown, followed shortly thereafter by Jess, toting enough food (supposedly from Luke) to withstand a true hostage situation. When Jess refuses to leave, Rory cleverly orchestrates for Paris to join them for dinner. But when Dean unexpectedly arrives, things look pretty bad. 

Dean accuses Rory of lying to him so she could have Jess over, and the situation escalates until Paris unexpectedly saves the day. She diffuses the situation by claiming to have a crush on Jess, and Dean reluctantly accepts the story and leaves. 

The situation seems to show Rory that Paris is good friend material. Rory abandons her night of solitude and invites Paris to sleep over, building a bond that would endure throughout the series.

The deleted ‘Gilmore Girls’ scene reveals Paris is the 1st member of Team Jess

In the deleted scene, available on YouTube, Rory and Paris are mid-sleepover when Paris pointedly tells Rory that Jess likes her. Though Rory denies it, Paris persists, poking holes in Rory’s flailing explanation as to why Jess showed up and, more to the point, why Rory allowed Jess to stay for dinner. 

Paris asserts, “I think you like him.”

Rory denies it, of course. But Paris presses: “I wouldn’t blame you. He’s unbelievably cute, and though his literary taste leaves a little to be desired, at least he has a literary taste.”

As Gilmore Girls fans know, Paris was right. And for any viewer wondering which team she’s on, the scene is telling.

The ‘Gilmore Girls’ deleted scene is more about Rory and Paris than Rory and Jess


‘Gilmore Girls’ 3 Times Paris Geller Was the Queen of Sarcasm

It wouldn’t be long before Rory owned up to her feelings for Jess and the two became a couple. But many Team Dean members still believe he was the best boyfriend for Rory and were hopeful when the two rekindled their relationship despite Dean’s marriage in Gilmore Girls Season 5. 

Likewise, Jess popped up frequently (and mostly inconveniently) throughout the rest of the series and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life — particularly during Rory’s relationship with the dapper Logan Huntzberger. 

But one thing that didn’t change was the bond between Paris and Rory. The two continued a friendship that wasn’t always easy but was built on mutual respect and honesty. So, although the scene from their sleepover didn’t make the final edit, their friendship endured throughout the series. And, thank goodness, because who could imagine Gilmore Girls without Paris Geller?