Gisele Bundchen Shares How She Prioritizes Family Life With Tom Brady and Their Hectic Schedules

All moms have to balance being a wife and a mom, home life and social life, work and family. It’s no different for celebrity moms. When Gisele Bundchen became a mother, she admitted to feeling like she lost herself for a bit. Of course, it’s completely normal to feel this way. Even if Bundchen has put her foot in her mouth in the past, her advice about finding balance while being a mom seems spot on. 

Gisele Bundchen is a supermom

Thirty-nine-year-old Bundchen has a pretty sweet life with her husband, Tom Brady, and their three kids. While she’s only the biological mom of their younger two, she doesn’t like to be called ‘stepmom’ to Brady’s oldest son, Jack.

Brady, the New England Patriot’s quarterback, had Jack with his previous girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan. Bundchen prefers to be called his ‘bonus mom,’ noting the blessing he is in her life. Having been married to Brady for 11 years, she’s been around for Jack’s entire life. 

In her most recent interview with Today, she explained that it’s “not so much the amount of time. I think it’s the quality of time.” While she and Brady are with the kids, they are entirely focused on them. They give the kids plenty of attention, but they still keep their home one filled with respect. She makes sure that the energy surrounding the home and the kids is a positive one and that they see mom and dad care about each other. 

Gisele Bundchen realizes that taking care of herself is key

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Parenthood took a toll on her marriage. When she was dating Brady, he already had a son, so parenthood has always been in the mix of their marriage. But they worked to make their kids and their marriage a priority over their careers, or at least to be fully present when they were with each other so that they wouldn’t feel guilty about leaving when they had to work.

She focuses on taking care of herself, too, which helps her be a good wife and mother.

It’s no secret she and Brady have a packed schedule. They’re busy making millions after all. And whether or not it’s true, fans are convinced she’s leading a successful life.

She focuses on herself too

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen attend The 2019 Met Gala Celebrating Camp
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But in her memoir that was released a few years ago, she admitted that she didn’t feel so successful. She had to learn that part of good parenting was good self-care.

“You can feel a bit guilty. But if I put my oxygen mask on first, if I’m feeling fulfilled and present and good about myself, then I’m going to be a much more patient, loving, understanding mother and wife. You have to fill your glass so that everyone can drink from it,” she once told The Sunday Times.

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Learning how to communicate has also helped Bundchen be a better wife, and as she’ll tell you, that bears weight on being a good mother. “When someone you love is happy, it makes you happy, or if they’re sad it makes you sad. You suffer with them and you have joy with them,” Bundchen said.

She and Brady have had to learn how to deal with big feelings, long distances, long hours, and being famous, all while raising kids. So this lesson was a big one for her.