‘Good Girls’ Season 4 Return: What Fans Need To Know

It’s almost time for the return of NBC’s Good Girls.

First airing in 2018, the TV show follows three best friends who turn to crime in hopes of bettering their respective financial situations. The comedy-drama left off in May on a seriously dramatic note. But how long do we have to wait for it to come back and find out what happens to the Good Girls characters? Here, find everything we know about the next episodes, including when you’ll be able to watch them.

Christina Hendricks smiling while filming a scene of 'Good Girls' as Beth Boland.
‘Good Girls’ star Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland | Jordin Althaus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

‘Good Girls’ is on break

After nine episodes, Good Girls signed off in May for its midseason break.

Over the past few episodes, the Secret Service has been investigating the friends for possible money laundering. When Dean gets arrested, Beth agrees to help officers nail Rio in exchange for his freedom. But Rio has powerful people behind him, particularly his councilman brother Nick, who gets him sprung out of jail almost immediately after he’s apprehended.

Despite increased heat from law enforcement, Rio plans on continuing their operation. At the end of Good Girls Season 4 Episode 9, Beth opens the front door to find a package of prints for Canadian money, indicating their business is actually about to expand.

The next episodes are on the way

Good Girls will return in just a few more weeks — but with a twist. For the first time since its debut, the show will move to Thursday nights instead of Sundays. Thus, Good Girls Season 4 Episode 10 will air on Thursday, June 24.

Titled Strong Hearts Strong Sales, the episode will see the girls dealing with yet another round of hurdles. HITC reports that the synopsis for the episode says, “Things become more complicated for the women under Rio’s thumb. Stan offers the ladies an unconventional idea. Annie’s new living arrangement causes more problems than anticipated.” The trailer for the episode, which spans two hours, offers a closer look.


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Based on the synopsis for the following episode, things only seem to get more dramatic from there. “The trio must find a way to smuggle the fake cash, but things are further complicated when Stan gets involved,” it reads, according to HITC. “Annie reluctantly agrees to go to dinner with Kevin. Ruby discovers something horrifying. Beth and Dean reach a breaking point.”

“Oh I can’t wait to see what happens,” one fan tweeted ahead of the show’s return (via Yahoo! Life). “Can. Not. Wait. 😍,” said another.

According to HITC, the fourth season will conclude on July 22.

It’s unclear if Good Girls will get a fifth season. But the more people watch it, the higher the chances it’ll come back. Remember, the show returns on Thursday, June 24. Mark your calendar.