‘Good Trouble’ Season 4 Finale: Davia and Dennis Take a Big Step and Isabella Has a Change of Heart

Freeform’s Good Trouble is back for the season 4 finale. Two of the storylines focused on Dennis and Davia, and the birth of Isabella’s baby. Here’s what happened last time on the show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Good Trouble Season 4 Episode 18.

Davia and Dennis take a big step

Emma Hunton as Davia and  Josh Pence as Dennis.
Emma Hunton and and Josh Pence | Christopher Willard/Freeform via Getty Images

Davia’s relationship with Asher falls apart after his ex-wife shows up at the house and announces she’s “back for good.” Asher wants to continue his relationship with Davia, but she tells him it wouldn’t work because his ex is living with him. Asher tells her his marriage is over, but Davia knows better. “Nothing is really over while you’re still living with someone,” she says.

Dennis comes to a crossroads in his relationship with Ryan. Initially, Ryan didn’t mind sleeping over at The Coterie. However, she became tired of communal living. Ryan asks Dennis to move in with her. She tells him she’s “too old” to live with other people.

Dennis tells her he isn’t ready to leave The Coterie because the people there are like his family. However, Ryan realizes Dennis isn’t ready to leave because he’s still in love with Davia.

Davia and Dennis have a heart-to-heart after they witness the birth of Isabella’s baby. Dennis asks Davia if she wants children, and she says it depends on who she’s in a relationship with. This leads Davia to ask how things are going with Ryan. Dennis tells her Ryan asked him to move in with her. Davia asks if he accepted her invitation, and he says he didn’t. He then tells her they broke up.

Davia starts crying and tells him she can’t hold her feelings inside any longer. When Dennis asks her why she was relieved he broke up with Ryan she says it’s because she loves him. He then admits he loves her, too.

Isabella has a change of heart

Gael and Isabella are in a tricky situation. Isabella wanted to give up her baby for adoption. Gael wants to raise the baby alone, but Isabella says the baby deserves two parents. Gael comes up with the perfect solution (or so he thought). He tells Isabella his sister, Jasmine, and her husband can adopt the baby.

Gael reasons that having his sister and her husband step in will provide a way for him to remain in the baby’s life, and the child will have three adults caring for her. Isabella agrees to this arrangement and says it would be OK for Gael’s sister and brother-in-law to adopt the baby.

A few days later, Isabella goes into labor. She couldn’t make it to the hospital in time, so Gael delivers the baby. Once Isabella sees her daughter, she starts to bond with her.

Gael tells Isabella his sister and brother-in-law are coming over so they can meet the baby. However, as Isabella is holding her child, she tells Gael she decided to change her mind. She doesn’t want to give the baby up for adoption.

Our take

It’s good to finally see Davia and Dennis admit their feelings for each other. We hope this means they will move forward and work on a relationship.

Although Isabella (played by Priscilla Quintana) has the right to change her mind, it’s still a heartbreaking situation for Jasmine and her husband. They really want to become parents, so this will be a tough pill for them to swallow. Hopefully, they will be able to forgive Isabella and adopt another child.

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