‘Good Witch’ Season 6: Cassie Puts Her Tastebuds to the Test in the May 10 Episode of Hallmark Show

The pressure is on in the May 10 episode of Good Witch. Cassie (Catherine Bell) has to put her taste buds to the test as a judge in Middleton’s chili cook-off. Among those who’ve entered the big contest? Her own husband Sam (James Denton).

A chili cook-off brings out Sam’s competitive side on ‘Good Witch’ 

Cassie in Good Witch
Catherine Bell and Kylee Evans in Good Witch | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

In “The Chili,” all of Middleton is abuzz over the upcoming chili cook-off. Cassie has agreed to serve as a judge, while Sam plans to wow everyone with his culinary creation. Yet when he comes up short of a key ingredient as the competition is approaching, he starts a bartering chain that includes Martha (Catherine Disher), Stephanie (Kylee Evans), and Abigail (Sarah Power). 

“Middleton gets a little intense about its chili,” Cassie explains in a preview for the upcoming episode.

Martha hits a bump in her reelection campaign, Stephanie helps a friend’s daughter

Stephanie and little girl in the kitchen
Kylee Evans and Zoe Ambrose in Good Witch | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ben Mark Holzberg

As the town’s residents prepare their best chili recipes, Martha hits an unexpected roadblock in her once-uncontested run for reelection as Middleton’s mayor. Will she be able to set aside her stubborn attitude in order to compromise with a possible political rival? 

Meanwhile, Stephanie ends up turning to lessons from her past to help her friend’s daughter with her friendship woes. 

More challenges for Abigail and Donovan 

Middleton residents at chili cook-off
Carly Jones, Art Hindle, Sarah Power, Ilamaria Ebrahim, and Katherine Barrell in Good Witch | ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Abigail and Donovan (Marc Bendavid) continue to face challenges in their relationship. When she meets her father’s (Art Hindle) new girlfriend, she ends up accidentally revealing one of his secrets. Reflecting on his deception causes her to worry about her own relationship. 

“Are there things I don’t know about you?” a worried Abigail asks Donovan.

Finally, in the Good Witch season premiere, Cassie welcomed Joy (Katherine Barrell), a new guest at Grey House. Joy’s intentions in visiting Middleton aren’t entirely clear, but in episode 2 Cassie discovers a time capsule that reveals some very interesting info about the town’s new arrival.

‘Good Witch’ is ‘a little more grown up’ this season, says Bell  

This new season of Good Witch feels a bit different for the show’s loyal viewers. Cassie’s daughter Grace (Bailee Madison) graduated from high school last season and headed off to college, as did Sam’s son Nick (Rhys Matthew Bond). With their kids away, Cassie and Sam are empty-nesters and the show’s stories have taken on a slightly different flavor. 

“What happened was the show took a really cool turn this season,” Bell told MediaVillage. “It’s like it became a little more grown up. With the kids off to college, there’s a lot less of the teen storylines. So we regrouped and the season became more about Sam and Cassie. After the first anniversary, they’re kind of looking at their lives now that the kids are gone, and now we’re not catering to them, who are we? So we focus on that and their hobbies and interests, which I find great to explore.”

“Every character has a relationship, be it new, struggling, or having a curse,” the actress added. “So getting to explore each of those has been great.” 

Good Witch airs Sundays at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel. 

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