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The new characters of Gossip Girl are similar to the original ones. Fans are noticing Otto ‘Obie’ Bergmann IV (Eli Brown) is very similar to Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) and not in a good way. 

[Spoiler alert: Spoilers for the Gossip Girl episode “She’s Having a Maybe”!]

Obie and Dan Humphrey are similar 

The new characters parallel some of the original Gossip Girl characters. Obie is one of the richest students at school given his family works in real estate. But he is still getting compared to Dan Humphrey because they have the same attitude.

Dan was an outsider given he lived in Brooklyn and his family didn’t have as much money. Obie tries to make himself an outsider even though he’s friends with the popular kids because he’s very focused on social justice. He is also noticeably against social media culture and is focused on clothes.

Both characters still find themselves in the circles of the rich and famous yet spend a lot of time trying to criticize or distance themselves from it. Fans are starting to call Obie a hypocrite like Dan because of this and how he handles relationships.

‘Gossip Girl’ fans think Obie is a hypocrite like Dan Humphrey

The first episode of Gossip Girl showed Obie being unhappy in his relationship with Julien Calloway (Jordan Alexander). That’s because Julien works as an influencer and often asked him to appear in her Instagram Stories, but he wasn’t interested. He did quickly hit it off with her little half-sister, Zoya Lott (Whitney Peak) given they were both interested in community service.

By the end of the episode, Obie dumped Julien because he believed she embarrassed Zoya. However, she was being set up by her friends. The second episode showed Obie already asking Zoya out on a date and fans showed their anger in a Reddit thread titled “Obie is an a– to Julien.”

“Agree. At least Dan started to progressively become insufferable as the seasons went on, Obie is getting there by episode 3,” one fan wrote in the thread. “As of ep 2, I hate Obie. Lol,” another person wrote.

“I think that’s kind of the point of his character – the hypocrisy of being someone ‘noble’ who cares for the ‘greater good’, but in his own relationships with people he knows, you see his actual principles in action,” one person wrote. “As long as he works for the greater good, he feels like he’s being a good person, even though, very incoherently, he threw over his long term gf JC (pretty callously, I might add), and started going after her (VERY YOUNG) sister literally in the next breath. He, like Dan, is meant to be a hypocrite like that (at least, I think so) – just the same way that Dan said with a straight face ‘I’m the least judgmental person in the world’ and proceeded to berate Serena for everything she did that was natural to her personality and upbringing.”

Will Julien and Obie ever get back together?

Eli Brown who plays Obie attends the "Gossip Girl" New York Premiere at Spring Studios
Eli Brown who plays Obie attends the “Gossip Girl” New York Premiere at Spring Studios | Dia Dipasupil/WireImage

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It looks like Obie is very focused on Zoya. The second episode ended with Julien telling Zoya she still wants to try to have a relationship with her. That also means having to let Obie go.

Julien recognizes that she never could give Obie what he wants. She agrees to not interfere with Zoya and Obie’s relationship. Obie and Zoya then walk the halls holding hands and Julien watches looking hurt.

It doesn’t look like Julien and Obie will get back together for now. But only time will tell if some other kind of drama will come between the half-sisters. After all, Gossip Girl is determined to tear them apart along with Julien’s friends.