‘Gossip Girl’: Should Chuck and Blair Have Ended up Together?

Gossip Girl ran on The CW from 2007 to 2012. Throughout the show’s six-season run, Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) and Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) had an on-again, off-again relationship. The two ultimately ended up together, but as years have passed some fans don’t find Chuck and Blair’s relationship in Gossip Girl to be as compelling compared to when the show originally aired.

Gossip Girl
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Some fans find the relationship to be toxic in ‘Gossip Girl’

In Gossip Girl, Chuck and Blair’s relationship was filled with schemes, mistrust, and drama. Even though they dated other people, they never moved on and always found their way back to each other. It made for great TV, and by the time the show reached its sixth and final season, it was apparent Chuck and Blair would end up together. Because Gossip Girl was a drama made for teenagers, it seems that as fans of the show have grown up, they have differing opinions about Chuck and Blair.

“I just think that because it’s a TV show, I enjoy their relationship. Sure, if Chuck was dating my friend, I would told her to run. But it’s a TV show, they have amazing chemistry, so I just enjoy their scenes. Even though I know it’s not a healthy relationship, but it’s not real, so I overlook it,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Manipulative and controlling behavior made for good drama and good drama back then=good relationship. Chair was the definition of sexy and passionate but extremely unhealthy… Nowadays, people flinch at the idea that a woman is responsible for a man’s growth and rightfully so. Every Gossip Girl fan I know who shipped Chair as kids/preteens now cringe,” a fan wrote on Reddit.

Some fans prefer Dan and Blair together

Before ultimately getting back together with Chuck, Blair ends up dating Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley). While Chuck and Blair appeared to be the most popular couple when the show aired on The CW, some fans now wish Blair and Dan had ended up together instead.

“Sometimes I feel like writers have a determined path that they want to write but they don’t take into account how the characters have changed throughout the series. Dan and Blair was such an amazing friendship and could have had the potential to be an even better romance but I could never enjoy it because I knew Chair was endgame,” wrote a Reddit user.

“The way they went from judging and disliking one another to realizing how much they had in common and becoming best friends was perfect. It was sweet, and funny, and well done. I love all their bickering scenes, and it was so cute how they sneaked around to movie theaters and art exhibits like just enjoying each other’s company was some humiliating secret. I even think Dan realizing he was falling for Blair was well written,” one fan wrote on Reddit.

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Chuck and Blair were always going to end up together in ‘Gossip Girl’

While Dan and Blair are certainly a more stable relationship, when one watches Gossip Girl, it is quite easy to see that Chuck and Blair were always written to end up together. In the third season of Gossip Girl, Serena (Blake Lively) describes Chuck and Blair as “Well¬†somehow two wrongs make a twisted right.”

Despite their faults, both together and apart, Chuck and Blair seemed destined to be together. While the relationship has not aged well with modern audiences, the two characters’ relationship was a big reason fans kept tuning in to the show. Their chemistry and story gave fans of Gossip Girl something to root for even if their relationship is not something viewers should aspire to have in real life.