‘Grantchester’ Returns to PBS in June 2020 for Season 5

There will be more murder in the quaint village of Grantchester this summer when the series of the same name returns for a fifth season on PBS. New episodes of the British-produced show will begin airing on Sunday, June 14.

“Now, I know you’re thinking ‘Summer seems so far away,’ but don’t you worry,” star Tom Brittney said in a short video posted by the Masterpiece PBS Instagram account. “I can assure you it will be worth it.”

What to expect from ‘Grantchester’ Season 5

Robson Green as Geordie Keating and Tom Brittney as Will Davenport in Grantchester | Courtesy of Colin Hutton/Kudos and MASTERPIECE

American audiences will have to wait a few more months to catch up on the latest adventures of crime-solving vicar Will Davenport. But the new season of the show, which also stars Robson Green as detective Geordie Keating, is currently airing on ITV in the U.K.

Brittney spoke with British publication What’s on TV about the new season, which picks up a year after the events of season 4. He revealed that after some initial reluctance, his character is embracing his role as an amateur detective. 

“[H]e put up a bit of a fight in the last series but now he can see that God’s work can come to him in another way,” the actor said. “There are different ways Will comes into the cases but there always seems to be a personal attachment for him.”

Viewers will also see some more comic moments between the motorcycle-riding man of the cloth and the gruff policeman, Brittney said. 

A romance for Will? 

Tom Brittney in Grantchester
Tom Brittney in Grantchester | Courtesy of Kudos and MASTERPIECE

In addition to some more humor, Grantchester viewers can also expect a little romance in the upcoming season. 

“[T]here’s some saucy stuff coming up!” Brittney teased, explaining that a new character named Ellie (Lauren Carse) catches Will’s eye. She’s a journalist who knows Geordie, but she and Will initially clash. 

“Will has a problem morally with the way she tries to get information but then he starts to see a different side to her,” he said. “Geordie encourages it, but if you have feelings for someone and it goes against the vow you’ve made, that’s where the conflict comes…”

The upcoming season goes to some dark places 

While Grantchester is set in a picture-perfect 1950s English village, the show isn’t afraid to tackle some tough issues. Season 4 saw the curate Leonard struggling to come to terms with his sexuality and Geordie’s wife dealing with a boss who sexually harassed her. And there will be more intense moments in season 5, Brittney told The Irish News

“A lot of people put [Grantchester] in the ‘cosy crime’ category, which I think this series will prove to you that it’s not; I don’t like that term anyway, because I don’t know how you can have ‘cosy crime,’” he said. “It’s a murder show, people get murdered. But, this series especially, takes my character to some real dark depths.”

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