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Ana de Armas made a stunning transformation for the upcoming Netflix movie Blonde. She plays Marilyn Monroe in the biopic, and the Cuban actor’s convincing look and movements as Monroe shocked former co-star Jamie Lee Curtis. But before we see de Armas in Blonde, fans get to watch her in The Gray Man. She stars opposite Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the action thriller, but working with two former co-stars wasn’t what de Armas liked best about her The Gray Man role.

Regé-Jean Page (left) and Ana de Armas in Netflix's 'The Gray Man.' de Armas reunited with Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in the movie, but what she loved best was playing a strong character.
Regé-Jean Page (left) and Ana de Armas in Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ | Courtesy of Netflix

Ana de Armas has been in a few films with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling before ‘The Gray Man’

Gosling stars as Court Gentry/Sierra Six in The Gray Man, a CIA operative who gets his hands on some sensitive information. Evans is Lloyd Hansen, a former agent who places bounty on Six, and de Armas stars as Dani Miranda, an agent assisting Six as he tangles with all the mercenaries sent to kill him.

This isn’t the first time de Armas has worked with Evans and Gosling.

She acted alongside Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 in 2017, then starred opposite Evans, Curtis, and others in Knives Out. de Armas and Evans will team up again after The Gray Man in Ghosted. de Armas also produced the movie, and she celebrated her happiest birthday by doing Fireball shots with Evans on the set.

Working with Gosling and Evans wasn’t the only perk of making The Gray Man. de Armas also loved having the chance to play a character unlike any she’s played before.

de Armas loved that her role in ‘The Gray Man’ wasn’t a token love interest

The Gray Man isn’t de Armas’ first time acting in an action movie. As Paloma in the 2021 James Bond movie No Time to Die, she and Daniel Craig teamed up for an epic fight scene in the film. 

Even though de Armas is no stranger to action movies, The Gray Man gives her a more significant role and one that she found three-dimensional, as she told Access Hollywood (via YouTube):

“It was such a refreshing character to play. I loved that I wasn’t Ryan’s love interest. There was nothing in there [about that]. The focus was not on that [kind of] relationship. They took their time to build that trust. Everything was about the mission and this woman trying to fix everything that wasn’t supposed to happen and do the right thing. So it was a lot of fun.”

Ana de Armas discusses her The Gray Man role

As we noted, de Armas produced and stars in Ghosted. She also stars in the rumored upcoming John Wick spinoff Ballerina, where she’ll have a chance to show off her action movie chops yet again.

Is ‘The Gray Man’ available on Netflix?


Is ‘The Gray Man’ Available on Netflix? What We Know About the Release Date, Cast, and Plot of the Ryan Gosling-Chris Evans Movie

Though it’s a Netflix production, The Gray Man hit theaters exclusively on July 15, 2022. However, that was only a limited release. 

The movie goes live on Netflix at midnight Pacific time on July 22. That means it will be streaming all day before the new films come out that weekend.

The Gray Man has received some mixed reviews so far, but what the critics say probably doesn’t diminish how much de Armas enjoyed playing a character that holds her own instead of being a token love interest.

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