‘Greek’ Used Miami University of Ohio as Inspiration

Greek, the TV series that aired on ABC Family from 2007 until 2011, followed Greek life at the fictitious Cyprus Rhodes University. The show was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and received praise for some praise for its authentic representation of the Greek System. Its somewhat accurate representation of the centuries-old tradition was all thanks to proper research. A real school inspired Cyprus Rhodes University and its Greek System.

What was ‘Greek’ about?

It has been a decade since Greek was last on the air, but that doesn’t mean the show isn’t amassing new fans. Thanks to Freeform’s streaming platform and Hulu, fans of the series can relive all of the craziest CRU moments. The series followed the lives of several college students as they figured out how to balance school, partying, and their allegiances to their Greek houses. The show’s writers paid special attention to Casey Cartwright, portrayed by Spencer Grammer, and her younger brother, Rusty Cartwright, played by Jacob Zachar.

Nora Kirkpatrick and Spencer Grammer appear in a scene together in season 3 of 'Greek'
Nora Kirkpatrick (Katherine) and Spencer Grammer (Casey) in ‘Greek’ | Isabella Vosmikova/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Family

Casey has to balance her romantic feelings for men in rival fraternities, her brother’s sudden arrival to campus and Greek life, and plenty of drama inside her own sorority. Casey, along with her best friend, Ashleigh Howard, figure it all out throughout six chapters.

Miami University of Ohio was the inspiration school for ‘Greek’

Before filming for the series began, the production team spent time at Miami University of Ohio to better understand Greek life. The school, while not the best-known school for Greek Life, does have a robust system. Miami University of Ohio is home to 22 sorority chapters and 33 fraternity chapters. The school’s system inspired CRU’s Greek life. 

According to Miami University of Ohio, the school’s first fraternity was founded in 1833. Over the next century, five other fraternities were founded at the school. None of the sororities or fraternities mentioned on Greek exist in the real world. Still, it is rumored that all of the houses mentioned in the show are based on the reputations of chapters at Miami University of Ohio.

Where was the show filmed?

While Cyprus Rhodes University was supposed to be in Ohio, it’s clear that isn’t where the cast filmed the show. Fans rarely saw the college-aged characters dressed for inclement weather. In fact, it didn’t seem to get cooler than 70 degrees while they were all in school. Midwestern winters are certainly far harsher than that.

Paul James, Dilshad Vadsaria, Amber Stevens, Jake McDorman, Scott Michael Foster, Spencer Grammer and Jacob Zachar pose for a photo while filming the third season of 'Greek'
The cast of ‘Greek’ | Jaimie Trueblood/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images Family

While the Cartwrights and their pals lived in Ohio, the show was filmed on location in California. According to IMDb, the cast filmed most of the show at the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA wasn’t the only college campus the studio utilized for filming, though. The production team also filmed establishing shots on location clear across the country at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The cast was on location at Caltech in Pasadena, as well. Fans note the bell tower appears similar to the one at Stanford University, too.