‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 1 of April’s Best Scenes Was Also 1 of the Most Tragic

Grey’s Anatomy is known for many things — stellar acting, intense, emotional storylines, heartfelt romance, and a revolving cast of popular actors. One of the most popular and controversial performers from the show’s history is Sarah Drew, who appeared on the show for nearly ten years.

While Drew is no longer on Grey’s Anatomy, fans still look back on her time with the series with appreciation. Recently, some fans on Reddit discussed one of Drew’s most iconic scenes, featuring some of her very best acting. 

What is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ about?

JESSE WILLIAMS, SARAH DREW on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Byron Cohen/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

There are a lot of medical dramas on television, but few are as popular or influential as Grey’s Anatomy. The series premiered in 2005, and over the years, has become the gold standard in long-running medical shows. Grey’s Anatomy tells the story of a group of dedicated residents, physicians, and staff that work at the fictional Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

From love stories to tales of powerful loss, nothing is off-limits for Grey’s Anatomy — and viewers love it.  

The cast has changed a great deal over the years, but the show has featured stars such as Patrick Dempsey, Eric Dane, Katherine Heigl, Sandra Oh, and Kate Walsh. One of the actresses who made a splash on Grey’s Anatomy was Sarah Drew, who joined the cast in 2009 and was the subject of several of the show’s most dramatic storylines. 

Who did Sarah Drew play on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Sarah Drew was born in 1980 and started acting when she was still a teenager. Her early roles included voiceovers in animated projects as well as some parts in theater productions. Drew’s first big break came in 2004 when she was cast as Hannah Rogers in the series Everwood. She appeared on the show for two years, after which she went on to guest roles in shows like Medium, Castle, Cold Case, Supernatural, and Private Practice.

In 2009, Drew was cast as Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy. She quickly became a fan favorite, in spite of the fact that Dr. Kepner was disliked by many of the main characters in the series.

Dr. Kepner undergoes a dramatic transformation over the course of the seasons, going from an innocent, insecure character to an independent physician who is willing to do what it takes to make a difference in the world. Drew acted on Grey’s Anatomy until 2018 when she made her much-publicized exit from the series.

For the character of Dr. Kepner, leaving Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in order to serve homeless communities felt like the right choice, even if it was tough for fans at the time. These days, fans are debating the possibility of her return to Grey’s, all while reminiscing about her character arc in previous seasons. 

Fans recently discussed one of April’s most intense, tragic scenes

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Recently, some fans on Reddit discussed the scene in season six where April Kepner discovers Reed’s body and runs to alert Derek. The highly emotional scene was made even more dramatic by the fact that it was still early on in Dr. Kepner’s tenure at the hospital, and she was still very much struggling with finding her bearings.

There’s no doubt that Sarah Drew really “sold” the scene, and, as one fan on Reddit pointed out, her acting in the scene “may have solidified Sarah becoming a regular on the show.”

Another fan praised Drew’s performance, stating “she even gets that pale, ‘I just saw some s**t’ look.”

While Drew would go on to act in many more dramatic moments throughout the course of her time on the series, this particular moment from season six stands out as a testament to Sarah Drew’s powerful acting abilities.