‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Was Arizona Out of Line Spilling April’s Secret to Jackson?

Grey’s Anatomy has been a staple in American television for nearly two decades, and the show never fails to deliver a healthy plot twist that leaves fans shocked and delighted.

Over the show’s 380 episode run, fans have watched various friendships play out, including the one between April and Arizona. Learn more about their friendship, drama between the two in season 12, and where April and her ex, Jackson, stand at the end of the season.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: April and Arizona’s friendship

Jessica Capshaw on Grey's Anatomy
Jessica Capshaw on Grey’s Anatomy | Scott Garfield/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Arizona Robbins and April Kepner became very close friends on the show, especially after April found Arizona in a supply closet after Arizona had seen her ex-wife. April tried to comfort Arizona at the moment, but Arizona had sent her away. April later returned with two bottles of champagne, and the pair’s friendship evolved quickly and beautifully from there.

Fans of the show watched Arizona and April share their lives and be one another’s go-to person throughout several seasons. For example, after April and  Jackson get into a fight, April comes to stay at Arizona’s house for a few days. According to the Grey’s Anatomy Wiki, Arizona was also a bridesmaid at April’s wedding.

Many fans treasure this particular friendship, as the pair are constantly there for one another throughout the ups and downs of their romantic relationships. They also fight occasionally as real friends do, but at the end of the day, they only want what is best for each other.

Arizona tells Jackson about April’s pregnancy

All the way back in season 12, April finds out that she is pregnant. She and Arizona had gotten together after April and Jackson get a divorce. April turned the drink offer down, and Arizona jokingly inquired whether she was pregnant. April tensely replies, “According to the test I took this morning, yeah actually. I think I am.” April didn’t want to tell Jackson about the pregnancy since they had just called their relationship quits, but Arizona feels that he needs to know.

Arizona tells Jackson, and he later confronts April, which leads her to feeling betrayed by Arizona. According to ABC, Arizona genuinely believed she was helping out her friend, but April is so enraged she can’t even look her in the eye. April, a religious individual tells Arizona, “And I believe in this stuff, so understand how much I mean it when I tell you, go to hell!”

Redditors took to the Grey’s Anatomy subreddit to discuss this particular pain point in their friendship. One wrote, “I also really hated the fact that April wouldn’t tell [Jackson], so I guess it kind of evened out how I felt about the whole situation…” Fans are quite divided on who was in the right and wrong in this particular situation, but there is consensus that Arizona and April’s friendship is admirable.

Where do April and Jackson stand at the end of season 17?

At the end of season 17, Jackson reveals to April that he has a career opportunity in Boston and that he would like her, Harriet, and Matthew (April’s husband) to come with him. In the 14th episode of the season, “Look Up Child”, April tells Jackson that she will leave Seattle to be with him, splitting up with Matthew and leaving him behind.

This leaves the status of April and Jackson’s relationship open-ended, though the episode ends on a seemingly cheerful note. The actress that plays April, Sarah Drew, stated that she wanted Jackson and April to end up together, but fans ultimately are able to come to whichever conclusion they like.

Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will premiere on ABC on September 30th, 2021.

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