‘Grey’s Anatomy’: The Entire Megan Hunt Storyline Was a Mess, Fans Still Complain

Grey’s Anatomy is one of television’s longest-running medical dramas, earning major critical and commercial acclaim. Since its 2005 debut, Grey’s Anatomy has featured many stars — from Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane to Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh — playing compelling characters. Though many of the show’s former players have remained fan favorites, a few are controversial.

They include Megan Hunt, played by Abigail Spencer. Though she’s a talented performer, her character and the storyline crafted for her have become hot topics among Grey’s Anatomy fans. 

Megan Hunt is Owen Hunt’s sister on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt in 'Grey's Anatomy'
Abigail Spencer as Megan Hunt in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Megan Hunt was introduced to Grey’s Anatomy fans in 2017 when actor Abigail Spencer began portraying the character. As Owen Hunt’s younger sister, Megan was presumed dead after a deadly mission overseas, where she was offering medical care to the disenfranchised.

After surprising everyone who believed she was dead, Megan became a series regular. In short order, viewers learned about her previous relationship with Nathan Riggs. Unfortunately, Megan and Riggs weren’t able to rekindle their love connection without adversity because, in her absence, Riggs had formed a romance with Meredith Grey.

In the end, Megan and Riggs got their happy ending when she exited the main cast of Grey’s Anatomy in late 2017. She returned as a special guest several years later. But fans weren’t happy with the way the show’s writers handled her storyline. 

Fans hate Megan’s storyline

In a recent Reddit thread, fans slammed Megan and the way her storyline on Grey’s Anatomy has played out over the years.

“Might be an unpopular opinion, but am I the only one who doesn’t care for Owen’s sister Megan? I fast-forward every scene she is in. Abigail Spencer’s overacting makes the character so ANNOYING!!” the original poster wrote.

Another poster wrote, “I don’t care for her for the most part, but it has nothing to do with the actress. It has everything to do with her snap judgment of Amelia and her marriage to Owen.”

Many commenters agreed Megan’s storyline wasn’t the best. One even remarked, “I really like her character, but I wish her storyline was deeper and more impactful than what we got.”

Another said, “I don’t remember anything about that storyline, that is how invested I was.”

When did Megan Hunt leave ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

In 2019, Megan Hunt returned to Grey’s Anatomy in a highly publicized fashion. Prior to her big comeback, viewers got their last look at Megan when she was beginning her new life in California with Riggs. Unfortunately, Megan’s reemergence didn’t lead to anything particularly positive, with her quickly getting involved in Teddy and Owen’s relationship. 

Megan’s return to Grey’s Anatomy didn’t last long, and after a few episodes, the character once again exited. She hasn’t returned.

Ultimately, it seems Megan’s legacy is to be a divisive force within the fan base — and it doesn’t seem that will change anytime soon. With an all-new season of Grey’s Anatomy set to debut this September, viewers can expect lots more drama and romance in the near future.

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