‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Are Convinced Jo Is Being Written Out of the Show

Fans were shocked when Alex Karev left Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in season 16 of Grey’s Anatomy

Characters come and go on Grey’s all the time. In fact, there’s not much left of the original cast. But still, the way Alex Karev left was a surprise. The doctor and longtime Grey Sloan employee apparently discovered his ex-wife Izzie hid a pregnancy from him. Izzie had twins, and when Alex found out, he went to be with her and make a family.

That meant leaving his wife, Jo

Not all fans liked Jo at first 

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Alex didn’t explain to Jo in person why he left her. He up and disappeared, and then later sent a letter to his wife Jo and all his friends explaining his absences. It was actually a really terrible thing to do, but fans don’t hate on him that much for it. Probably because he’s not on the show anymore, so he’s become irrelevant. 

But the whole situation made Jo somewhat more sympathetic to fans, who didn’t all like her when she first started at Grey Sloan. According to a recent Reddit thread, fans talked about how they didn’t like Jo at first, although some have come around since.

One fan wrote of Jo, “she annoyed the living hell out of me. i also didn’t like jolex until they got married, that’s when i stared paying attention to them.” But not all fans are on the Jo train. Some don’t care for her, even after Alex dumped her by letter. 

Most opinions about Jo have changed 

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Some fans have changed their mind about Jo. Although she was annoying and two-faced in the beginning of her time on the show, she seems to have changed for the better. Fans on reddit feel that she started to grow up around season 13 or 14, and that’s when most of them really started to like her. But not all fans feel the same. Some think that what Jo has done in the past can’t be fixed, and that she’s just an all-around annoying character. 

One redditor was particularly outspoken about her hatred for Jo. They wrote “Can’t stand her. Everything is about her. She’s disloyal and opportunistic as a friend. When Alex needed her support the most bc of Deluca beating, her concern was covering her lie and left Alex hanging.” Other fans agreed with most of that statement. Joh has just been too disloyal in the past to forgive. 

Fans don’t see a future for Jo at Grey Sloan Memorial 

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Fans may love Jo or hate her, but most of them are in agreement about her future at Grey Sloan. They don’t see one for her, at least not with the current set of characters. That may mean she’s going to be written off the show. Now that Alex is gone, Jo doesn’t have a romantic future. And most of the storylines on Grey’s are romantic ones.

Alex was a good match for Jo, and fans enjoyed watching them together, but that may not be enough to keep Jo around. According to one fan, “I loved her with Alex. No they weren’t a perfect couple, but they loved and supported eachother in tough times.”

None of the current eligible Grey Sloan bachelors or bachelorettes seem like a good match for Jo. As one fan put it, “I don’t see her with any of the current guys, and I don’t think Deluca or Jack Gibson would be good matches for her.”

But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for Jo. One thing about Grey’s is that new characters crop up all the time, and others leave.  A new person could become single, or a new single person could enter the scene for Jo.