Grimes Has an Intense Way of Preparing Buttered Toast

Pop sensation Grimes has been making the headlines for a lot more than just her music lately. The singer is in a much-publicized relationship with entrepreneur Elon Musk and is expecting his child. While she has, for the most part, kept her pregnancy relatively under wraps, Grimes recently opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her pregnancy cravings, including her unique recipe for toast that is guaranteed to cause a massive cholesterol overload.

How did Grimes get into the music industry?

Grimes was born in Canada in 1988. At birth, her name was Claire Elise Boucher, and she adopted the stage name of Grimes in her teens. Grimes began to get involved with music in the early 2000s, creating a Myspace page that focused on her musical endeavors as well as her visual art projects. In 2010, Grimes released her debut album, Geidi Primes. She followed up the concept piece with a second album in late 2010. 

Over the past several years, Grimes has continued to release new music and has earned a reputation as an artist who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. She has also branched out, working as a model for several fashion campaigns and providing her voice to video game characters. Grimes primarily produces music that is electronic or synth-pop, but she isn’t afraid to work in multiple genres and has even dabbled in hip-hop and R&B.

Grimes looking slightly off camera
Grimes (Claire Elise Boucher) | Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images

Grimes’ relationship with Elon Musk

In early 2018, Grimes stepped out with a surprising new boyfriend – wealthy entrepreneur Elon Musk. Musk, who has been involved in several high profile relationships and has many children, reportedly bonded with Grimes over Twitter. They started dating not long after their initial social media flirtation and their first big night out as a couple was at the 2018 Met Gala. 

The couple has received some criticism from people online, especially from those who feel as though the age gap between the couple is too extreme, but neither Grimes nor Musk seem to be bothered by the haters. For the past several years, Grimes and Musk have carried on their relationship with minimal fanfare, although pictures of the two have cropped up online from time to time. Still, in January, the world was shocked when Grimes posted a picture cradling what appeared to be a very pregnant belly. A few weeks after she posted the image, Grimes acknowledged that she is, in fact, pregnant. 

What are Grimes’ favorite foods?

In early March, Grimes opened up to Harper’s Bazaar about her pregnancy cravings and the specific foods that she reaches for every day. The singer admitted that she isn’t a morning person, but instead of drinking a cup of coffee with cream, she prefers chewable caffeine cubes. She generally wakes up, takes a caffeine cube, and goes back to sleep for a while, which allows the caffeine to penetrate her system slowly. When she is ready to enjoy a full breakfast, Grimes likes toast – and not just any toast. She gave her recipe for “butter toast,” which is made by melting a stick of butter on a plate and then sopping the toast completely in the melted butter. Finally, she adds jam, for a breakfast treat that is definitely indulgent.

Grimes also admitted to loving cereal such as Raisin Bran. A few things that Grimes definitely won’t be reaching for any time soon include any type of vegetable (she especially dislikes broccoli) and fresh fruit. In fact, Grimes revealed that she is more of a carb person, which many pregnant people all over the world can no doubt relate to.