‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Fans Noticed a Small But Powerful Detail in Scene Between Thor, Gamorra, and Drax

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quickly becoming the most involved and intricate web of pop culture to ever exist. As the franchise expands into television shows that add layers of complexity to the films and comic books from which fans first became familiar with the source material, it is drawing in new viewers and providing increasingly more content to keep its dedicated fan base engaged. This expansion and long-running dedication to interweaving the same universe has also given fans plenty of reasons to look for details that tie characters and concepts together.  Eagle-eyed fans watching the films have spotted one such addition that has helped them understand the relationship between Thor, Gamora, and Drax — as well as look forward to the third Guardians of the Galaxy film. 

Gamora sits at a complicated position in the MCU

James Gunn
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Played by Zoe Saldana, Gamora has woven her way through several films in the MCU including both released Guardians of the Galaxy films, Infinity War, and Endgame. Once a Zehoberei assassin, Gamora’s biggest conflict in the films has been her relationship to Thanos. After the villain killed off her race, he adopted young Gamora as his own daughter, making her Nebula’s sister. Gamora’s obvious connection to the franchise’s biggest enemies left her in a bit of a tight spot, but she proved herself dedicated to the cause and worked to defy her father and bring her sister to justice. 

Of course, over the course of the films, that plan is repeatedly thwarted, but Gamora remains steadfast in her conviction. Along the way, she falls in love with Star-Lord, adding another layer of complexity to her character. Eventually, Gamora is outplayed by her power-hungry father, and she’s sacrificed as he gains the Soul Stone. 

The complicated timeline of the MCU means that an alternate version of Gamora was restored and then brought to the future. We last saw that version of Gamora work with the Avengers to finally defeat Thanos before fleeing the scene with the Guardians searching for her. 

A small detail between Gamora and Drax has fans talking

When Thor meets Gamora, he learns that she’s Thanos’ daughter. Obviously, that news doesn’t sit well with Thor and could have put Gamora’s life in danger. Standing nearby, however, was Drax — a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Fans paying close attention to this scene took to Reddit to note that Drax moves closer to Gamora as Thor finds out her family history. Drax “never takes his eyes off Thor. Totally protecting his family and never shying away from a fight, even with a god-man!” 

Many commenters noted that Drax didn’t stand a chance against the mighty Thor, but they’re still touched by his dedication to protecting his “family.” One wrote, “It would have been really sad if he even punched Thor once, Thor goes toe to toe with Hulk without a hammer, so Drax would be dead in one punch, noble death though.”

What can we expect from third ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ film 

It’s likely that Gamora will feature heavily in the third Guardians of the Galaxy film, which is expected to premiere in 2023. Now that her past self has become her present self with some time hopping, fans will be looking to see where the trajectories converge. Will Gamora return to a relationship with Star-Lord, or will there be a new love interest in her future

A lot of that will probably hinge on whether or not the 2014 Gamora who has now become the living version of the character will have her memories restored. Some fans have noted that a lot of the relationship between Star-Lord and Gamora was built off-screen between films anyway, so perhaps watching the interactions between these characters without the memories will be a satisfying way to revisit the past for viewers as well as the time-traveling Gamora. 

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