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Guy Fieri eats a lot of food. He travels the country for his show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. The celebrity chef has made a name for himself by highlighting local cuisines.

Usually he’s out to find the hidden gems, and that must mean trying a lot of not so great food. Fans on Reddit were recently discussing what happens when Fieri eats bad food on air. 

Fans can tell when Guy Fieri doesn’t like something 

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

All the locations on Diners, Drive -Ins, and Dives are probably pre-scouted by producers. Fieri himself even has a say in where the show goes, so he may pick places he’s heard good things about, or places he’s tried before.

Still, anyone looking for hidden gems is bound to find some rocks along the way. Not all the food Fieri tries is good, it’s statistically impossible. But even if Fieri tries something bad, he never lets on.

He’s dead set against criticizing food on television. But he has a tell, and his dedicated fans know what it is. 

When Fieri doesn’t like something, he just names some of the ingredients in it. As one fan wrote on Reddit: “When Guy doesn’t like things, he gives the most generic descriptions possible. My favorites are ‘that’s pork alright’ and ‘you definitely cooked that chicken.'”

Other fans agreed. When Fieri is just naming ingredients, he’s not impressed. “Also when he starts listing: ‘You can really taste the mustard, the lettuce. There’s definitely honey in there!'”

Guy Fieri has said if he doesn’t like the food, he won’t air it 

Fieri has said that he just won’t air really bad foods. One fan heard a podcast where Fieri said bad food doesn’t make it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. “I’ve heard him say in an interview (the Sporkful podcast) that if it’s really not good, it won’t air.”

But even though really bad food doesn’t air, there’s still food that Fieri himself might not care for. That’s when he pulls out the ingredient-listing descriptions. As one redditor pointed out, “food is subjective.”

Fieri is a professional chef and appreciates how hard it is to please everyone. So when he doesn’t like a meal, he just doesn’t say it. However, if the whole restaurant is irredeemable, Fieri doesn’t want that place on the show. That’s why really bad food just gets pulled. 

Fieri usually tries more than one thing at the restaurants he goes to, which gives him the opportunity to find something positive to say. That sometimes leads to funny moments, where fans can tell he didn’t like the first dish.

One fan remembered an episode where “hes takes a bite and says ‘theres some flavor here’ and then set the fork down. the person cooked something else and his reaction was way different. he took like 3 bites and said something about it being an explosion and the spice to it lol so he clearly didnt like the first thing he tried.”

There’s one sure-fire way to tell if Guy Fieri likes a dish 


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If it’s easy for fans to tell when Fieri doesn’t like a dish, it’s just as easy for them to tell if he really likes something. As one fan pointed out, “You can tell he REALLY likes something when he takes more than one or two bites of it or finishes it.” 

Fieri may comment on dishes he doesn’t like, but when he likes something, he’s usually speechless. Fans are totally on to him. His over-the-top comical reactions are reserved for food he really, really loves. He’s eaten enough good food for fans to know when his mind has been blown.