Guy Fieri Needs to Find a Different Way to Compliment Other Chefs’ Food

On the off chance your invitation to Flavortown got lost in the mail, you might not yet know who Guy Fieri is. But to the rest of us, he’s a legend and a household name.

Whether you know him because you’re a fan of his food or because you’re a fan of making fun of his spiked hair and outlandish fashion, chances are you have some strong thoughts on Guy Fieri.

Just like the flavors he works with, Guy Fieri can be a lot. His outspoken personality, silly catchphrases, and bombastic approach to hosting shows on the Food Network like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives and Guy’s Grocery Games are what make him such a beloved personality. But one downside to his whole schtick is that sometimes he goes a little overboard with certain catchphrases…and there’s one in particular that fans simply can’t stand to hear one more time!

Some people think Guy Fieri gets unfairly judged

Guy Fieri
Guy Fieri | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

A lot of people love to make jokes at Guy Fieri’s expense, such as criticizing his fashion choices or making jokes about the sometimes gargantuan portion sizes at his restaurants. It seems like a lot of people don’t take him seriously as a chef or think he knows what he’s talking about. But he actually knows a lot about food and is a really nice guy, to boot.

For instance, when the pandemic hit, Fieri helped raise over $20 million to help restaurant workers who had been put out of work. He has been known to do a lot of charitable work, to support important causes, and he has a habit of honoring and supporting small, local restaurants so that they can thrive.

Guy Fieri has incredible advice for dealing with haters

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So how does a good guy deal with so much hate? Well as Fieri once told Parade: “If someone has a concern with what I eat, or how I dress, brother, take all that energy and go focus on something for yourself. … I’m not going to make everybody happy. And anybody who wants to hate is going to hate. You have to be confident in who you are and what you’re doing.”

He also had some morsels of wisdom for People when they asked him about the subject, saying “Anybody who pays attention to the hate really is wasting their time…If you’re just some loser that sits there and hammers away on some blog form or whatever, I don’t have time for that. Why even worry about it?”

He has also stated that his philosophy on the topic is “I get down with the positive, I don’t pay attention to the negative.” It sounds like he has his priorities in order!

There is one phrase that fans simply cannot hear Guy Fieri say one more time

Even as cool as Fieri proves to be, he is still a very polarizing figure. People pretty much either can’t stand him or think he’s the greatest, no one is in between. And given how often he shows up on Food Network, either because he’s hosting or judging on another show, fans have seen a LOT of Fieri and they something to say about how much he uses catchphrases. Specifically, one phrase they simply cannot handle hearing him keep saying. One Reddit user recently explained it best:

“Love Guy, and most of his catchphrases I can handle, but any variation of “you put that on a shoe I’d eat it” and I lose it. And there are SO MANY variations. Sometimes it’s socks, sometimes it’s flip-flops, I’ve even seen on multiple occasions him taking off his shoe to show the camera and gesture to the sauce and the shoe while his mouth is full.”

Okay Guy, so maybe people are starting to come around on how cool of a dude you actually are, but for the sake of the fans…put your shoe back on and retire this phrase, please!