Guzmán’s Connection to the Killer Is Getting More Complicated on ‘Élite’ Season 3, Episode 2 — Recap

[Spoilers ahead for Élite Season 3 ahead.]

Coming off of the frustrating season premiere, Élite’s Episode 2 is a bit tamer, but doesn’t skimp on the drama. Carla is dealing with the fallout of not testifying against Polo and Lucrecia is doing the same with her impending 18th birthday. Both have their father’s to blame, but they’re not the only parents hustling the kids. Rebe’s mom also gets into Valerio’s head this episode, maybe for the best. 

As for Samuel and Guzmán, the namesakes for this episode, it comes down to their hatred of Polo and the bond formed between them. It will either be their undoing or be their rock that saves them later this season. 

Guzmán and Polo talk in 'Élite' Season 3.
Guzmán and Polo talk in ‘Élite’ Season 3 | Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

Lucrecia and Nadia eye the same scholarship

In the last episode, viewers saw how Lucrecia’s father found out about her and Valerio. She’s no longer the perfect daughter in her father’s eyes. He said he’d only keep her in the house until she turned 18 later that year. This means that if she wants to go to college, she has to pay for it herself. Because of this, she’s now eyeing a special scholarship set up by Polo’s moms for a full-ride to Columbia University. 

However, Nadia also lost a scholarship last episode thanks to the video of her and Guzmán last season. This is her only way to get a full-ride, and she knows she has to beat Lucrecia out of it. While Nadia does try to blackmail Lu right back with the news about her relationship with Valerio, Nadia doesn’t. Lu tells her about her situation and Nadia’s good side comes back. 

The title of this episode highlights one of the strongest relationships at the moment

As stated above, Samuel and Guzmán have created a ridiculously strong bond between each other at this point. From the end of Season 2 until now, their joint love for Marina brought them together. This is why it hurts when Samuel sees Guzmán get close to Polo again; he feels betrayed. However, if you know Guzmán by now, you know it’s all a ruse. 

Polo is so desperate for Guzmán’s friendship again, he completely overlooks what he did to Marina and how Guzmán has acted. With the fact that all witnesses have withdrawn testimony, Polo is so ready to go back to how things were. 

Guzmán and Samuel’s connection is put to the test, though, when Polo is unconscious in Guzmán’s home. Samuel has to snap him out of it, but Guzmán nearly kills his former friend. The way that Marina’s brother and close friend cling to each other shows that no matter class or how much these two want to distance themselves from one another, they share an unbreakable bond. The two were brought together by Marina. Their love for her and their desire to get revenge on her death. 

Ander continues to push people away

Ander’s sickness actually doesn’t have to do with past, sexual experiences or anything; he has acute lymphatic leukemia. He was hiding his diagnosis from everyone, even Omar because cancer could very well lead to death. Only Rebe knows because she caught him crying about it in the last episode. 

When he finally comes clean, his mother is scared, but Omar is ready to help him fight. However, Ander pushes him away. Omar calls him out on trying to be the “romantic hero” by ending their relationship, but Ander won’t hear it. Luckily, Omar is with him through and through and doesn’t leave so easily. 

The new kid, Yeray, is making a play for Carla, but it seems that it’s genuine and from a really authentic place. However, Samuel is also still making passes at Carla, almost desperate at this point. His mother is gone, and he’s looking for a roommate for rent, but he’s immensely lonely. Something tells me that even though Valerio moves in at the end of this episode, it’s not going to help with his despair.

Valerio turns down Rebe's suggestion to move in with Samuel, Season 3 'Élite.'
Valerio turns down Rebe’s suggestion to move in with Samuel, Season 3 ‘Élite’ | Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix

In the end, Samuel’s life is looking up, but we’re still not any closer to finding out who killed Polo

However, you know what will help Samuel? Rebe’s declaration of affection. While she’s been kind of obvious about it in the past, he was too caught up in Carla to notice. Now, after her talk with Ander, she dives in. And even though he’s not as passionate at first, things are looking up for Samuel.

Even though Rebe’s mom almost coerces Valerio into sex, she does it to show just how low he’s gotten. How addicted he is to partying and skirting his responsibilities. This is what makes him move in with Samuel, but the troublemaking aspect to him is definitely not gone for good. 

We still don’t know who killed Polo. The show is insinuating that Samuel kills him, but that would be too easy. More of that night is shown, and Guzmán is lying and seems a little too calm. Could he have lost his temper? We’ll have to see.