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NBC’s The Voice Season 24 features Gwen Stefani as a coach. While Blake Shelton fans miss the country superstar on stage, Stefani often mentions Shelton — and it makes the rest of us feel a bit better about his absence. While we enjoy watching Stefani as a coach, is she leaving after season 24? Here’s what to know.

Is Gwen Stefani leaving ‘The Voice’ once season 24 ends?

Unfortunately, The Voice fans who want to see Gwen Stefani return after season 24 might have some feelings about season 25. Stefani will not be returning as a season 25 coach. While she hasn’t made an official announcement about only coaching the current season before heading back home to Oklahoma with Blake Shelton, NBC announced the new coaches for season 25. Next season’s coaches are Dan + Shay, Reba McEntire, Chance the Rapper, and John Legend.

Legend and McEntire return to The Voice after season 24. But Horan and Stefani will be leaving it all behind — at least temporarily.

Fans get their first glimpse of Dan + Shay as coaches in season 24. Horan tells his team of singers that he had to miss the Knockouts due to his busy schedule. And he brought in Dan + Shay as his replacement.

Dan + Shay are three-time Grammy Award winners with nine no. 1 hit songs. They also twice won the Country Music Association Award for Vocal Duo of the Year. While we’ll miss Stefani and Horan in season 25, we look forward to seeing how Dan + Shay do as the show’s first duo of coaches.

Given Stefani’s love for The Voice, we imagine she’ll return in future seasons, too.

Blake Shelton said Gwen Stefani accepted ‘The Voice’ Season 24 gig because of the money

The Voice Season 24 wouldn’t be the same without Gwen Stefani. Just like we’ll miss her in the future, we already miss her husband, Blake Shelton. Shelton announced his departure in season 23, as he wanted to spend more time with Stefani’s kids at home. And he also clued fans in that Stefani took The Voice Season 24 coaching job because “money talks.”

“I think I’d actually put out there to the press, too, because everybody wants to know, ‘Why are you quitting? Why are you walking away from the show?’ And it’s like, ‘Well, for the family, for more family time,’” Shelton joked while on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in November 2023. “And then the very next announcement was, ‘Gwen’s coming back!’ Maybe she doesn’t want too much family time, I don’t know. Money talks, OK? Money talks in this industry.”

After season 24, we imagine Shelton and Stefani will spend plenty of quality time together in Oklahoma.

Will the couple ever return as coaches on the show?

'The Voice' stars Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani looking into each other's eyes
Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani | Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Gwen Stefani Noted the ‘Frustrating’ Part About Blake Shelton Missing From ‘The Voice’ Season 24

Will fans ever see The Voice stars Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani join the same season as opposing coaches? It’s not out of the question. Shelton dished on Jimmy Kimmel Live! how Stefani has a competitive streak to her that he only just started to see when she competed against him in Barmageddon Season 2.

“That’s the funny thing about Gwen. In the entire amount of time that I’ve known her now, I’ve never known her, even on The Voice, to be competitive,” Shelton shared. “She’s more of just this supportive person with her contestants, but I’ve never seen her as super competitive — until she plays against me in Barmageddon.

Currently, there are no plans for Shelton or Stefani to rejoin The Voice. But the more fans want it, the more NBC might listen.

The Voice Season 24 airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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