Halle Berry Fans Hilariously React to Her Confusion Why ‘The Call’ Is the Top Movie on Netflix

Sometimes trends in movies don’t even make sense to long-time actors, such as Halle Berry. She has a diverse filmography, but one feature, in particular, is getting all of the attention right now. Berry took to Twitter to express her confusion about why The Call is suddenly the top movie on Netflix and her fans are joining in on the fun.

Halle Berry plays Jordan Turner in ‘The Call’

'The Call' star Halle Berry
Halle Berry | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

The Call follows Jordan Turner (Berry), who is an experienced 911 phone call operator. However, one mistake on a call that results in tragedy shakes her to her very core. When a teenager named Casey Welson (Abigail Breslin) is kidnapped, she makes a call to 911. Jordan will need to pull herself together if she hopes to save the young woman.

The 2013 film originally opened to generally negative reviews. However, The Call managed to impress at the box office, grossing over $17 million in its first three days of release. The Berry-starring thriller ultimately took home over $68 million in total, making it a major financial success. Loyal fans continue to return to the movie for repeat viewings.

Halle Berry is confused about why ‘The Call is the top movie on Netflix

Berry posted on Twitter to express her confusion as to why The Call is the top movie streaming on Netflix. It isn’t a new movie by any means, making it a bit odd why it suddenly grew in popularity. The film is also approaching its 10-year anniversary.

Berry tweeted: “…So ‘The Call’ is the No. 1 movie on @netflix right now, nearly 10 years after its release. Are y’all OK?”

Netflix previously saw success with the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring movie The Guilty, which also follows a suspenseful story involving a 911 operator. Perhaps the similar subject matter and inclusion of Berry brought interest back to the 2013 movie.

The Twitter comments are full of people theorizing why it suddenly grew in popularity. It’s possible that National Public Safety Telecommunications Week has something to do with it, but there could be many factors contributing to this sudden boost in viewership.

The official Netflix Twitter even responded, “Halle + Netflix is clearly a winning combination!” The actor responded with a GIF of two women high-fiving.

Fans hilariously respond to why the movie is so popular

Some other Twitter users hilariously responded to Berry regarding why The Call is the top movie streaming on Netflix. One response included, “The POWER that this wig brings people, families, and the nation together…” This elicited a response from Berry, who posted laugh-crying emojis followed by, “please!”

Several other fans jumped on the bandwagon that the wig is the reason why they’re going back and watching The Call. There is now an abundance of photos of Berry in the iconic wig throughout the Twitter thread.

Regardless of whether or not Berry’s fans are “OK,” as Berry put it, it’s clear that they’re loving the opportunity to watch some of her older movies on the streaming platform.

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